BULLET Chess Is Bad For You

BULLET Chess Makes You Play Worse.
Bullet chess is a variant of chess that is played with very fast time controls, usually only 1 minute to play for the whole game! with each player having only a few seconds to make their moves. But why the best players in the world think it’s not “real chess”?

1- you noticed how? when you switch to a more serious chess time control you keep thinking as if you were still in a bullet mode?

2- you suddenly rely on reflexes and intuition rather than careful thought and analysis. This can be useful in some situations like a zeitnot (a zeitnot happens when you dont have time to finish your game and you are in time trouble to avoid losing the game, but it may also lead to poor decision-making and a lack of understanding of deeper positional and strategic concepts.

3- It can lead to a lack of practice in other areas of your game: like endgame technique that you hate spending time on, right?

It’s important to keep in mind that bullet chess is just one variant of chess and should not be the sole focus of your chess training. While playing bullet chess can be a fun and fast-paced way to play the game, it is simply not the way to go about learning chess

In order to keep improving, it’s important to practice your positional play and strategy, tactics, and endgame technique. These will help develop your ability to evaluate positions objectively and make good decisions during your games. Do not let bullet chess distract you from practicing these other important areas!


  1. Thats true , i dont think much in 15min matches now just make moves in less than 5 sec which makes my postion bad majorly

  2. As someone who hates fast time controls, I support this message 😂

  3. Hikaru and magnus : yeah yeah of course

  4. i think its trains your intuition, i think it can be helpful

  5. Youll never know how I am getting called a nerd so much.

  6. That’s why I don’t play blitz that much

  7. I used to give random moves while playing bullet and win every match by time 😂
    While the opponents time gets finished

  8. My Bullet peak 2370 , superblitz 2250, rapid 2000. I love bullet

  9. Bullet improved my game a lot. You can plat 20 bullet games vs 1 rapid. Helps you become an expert in openings and lightning quick. Also helps when you really are low on the clock. You learn to spot threats and simple tactics immediately. Bullet is very very helpful training. You just have to tell yourself to slow down in longer time controls and think deeper.

  10. The best players don't think it's real chess? 🤔 til Magnus hates bullet chess.

  11. It's so funny that they took German words and translated them weirldy

  12. Funny how the used a woman in the Queens gambit, when there has NEVER been a woman would champion, or even in the top 10. But that is Hollywood, they think the entire would is a social construct and if we put women in mens roles, they can do everything a man can 😂😂 I suggest a 10 event men against women, each gender chose their best in engeniering, MMA, obstacle course, chess, math , running. Just to see if the women can win one of those .

  13. "It's all bullet and it's bad for ya!"

    -George Carlin probably

  14. I went from 1m and 3m to 5m and 10m and sometimes above, now I enjoy chess. Believe me, I do.

  15. Some fast, some slow. Depends on the position

  16. Billet chess will mess your game up bad

  17. bullet chess is the best way to train

    if you're below 1000 and you keep blundering and not seeing good moves even after 1 minute has passed in rapid or blitz, its time you play bullet, in bullet, the higher rank you are, the faster your enemies can see the good moves and the bad moves, weaknesses, strengths, and much more in just 1 second. This would lead you to be as fast like them, as the saying goes "Adapt or Die".

    and after you get 1000 rating on bullet, once you go to rapid or blitz, you will be surpised how you can find brilliant moves and great moves really easily, as well as ranking up and winning games as if it was nothing.

    in short, bullet trains your chess vision, if you dont train your chess vision, you will lose 90% or even 100% of your games. The saying "Bullet transferring to longer time games such as rapid would make you lose since you play moves faster and you think less" is false, this is only true if you're a dumbass who plays fast on rapid games not knowing what tf is going on and not taking your time to analyze the board and think more critically.

    Bullet is good.

  18. I will say though, bullet made me learn my tactics well 😂

  19. I get tired of these . For the first 3 years of chess I only played bullet chess . Nothing else . I got to a 1900 rating . Recently started playing classical and I’m a 1800 now…yeahhh. So much for bullet chess being bad for me

  20. Yes playing blitz affects my rapid rating.

  21. Bro, I finish most of my rapid games with like 7 to 8 mins left

  22. You forget the patterns you see subconscious or not. When I play bullet I get to work out alot of things I want to try. I usually play bullet AFTER rapid games, when I'm tired of deep calculations.

    That's the key, should not be your go to. Just a knife sharpener.

  23. I’m a bullet addict bad 40 hours a week. Might have to start turning tricks on the corner.

  24. Stupid that you can spam like 50 pre moves and only take a second off the clock

  25. Bullet chess isn't bad, it's just irrelevant

  26. Fischer probably respected bullet chess more. Because longer chess games now are 90% book moves, memorisation, etc.

  27. Zeitnot is just German for time trouble

  28. Bullet is bad because it takes no thought

  29. when u have to pysically move the peices one min chess is just dumb

  30. Zeitnot😂 As a german that's very nice

  31. An opposite argument is that classical chess weakens ur intuition and fast decision making ability. So it’s more of a pick-ur-poison thing

  32. Bullet helps because it helps you notice a good move then you look for a better obe

  33. It works vis versa . I’m currently 1600 in rapid (LorenzoGeorgeJr) but 10 minute games will have you going into a think tank every middle game instead of you learning natural responses to certain positions/moves . left unchecked you can develop bad time control skills in Rapid. I’m gonna try to play them both and get the best of both worlds

  34. Bullet is fun so i play chess and trash talk lol

  35. It’s less stressful to lose in bullet 😂

  36. Blitz/bullet players become strong by studying, analysis, and practicing classical chess. Learn how to play correctly, then one may be able to play quickly.

  37. i actually agree with him, bullet chess kills focus

  38. Hyper Bullet & Bullet Chess has helped me out just about as much as it's hurt me. Because of those two modes I can play super solidly against people 1000+ Elo higher than my measly 600-700ish Elo self could be reasonably expected to do well against. Sometimes I win, more often I lose, but I usually hold even through the opening and about 45-65% of the middle game lmao

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