Brilliant Stalemate 🥶 | Chess tactics


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  1. If white moves rook to d1 the checkmate was unstoppable

  2. Dude white can check mate black do wq 3f if bq take wq let rock go 8c and check mate

  3. İlyas Eren Karadağ(Hakan'ın Fedaisi) says:

    White was winning but did stalemate wtf

  4. for the ones that don't get it, it's a forced stalemate, beacause black can't move the king, he has to take the rook whit the queen and BOOM, stalemate.

  5. Dude sacrificed the game for a brilliant move 😂

  6. Black should have given a check with the bishop on e4 before taking the rook by the other bishop

  7. How about instead of throwing the game with a pawn advance to start, you just move Qf5, then black is screwed lol

  8. Bro is just down a pawn and want a stalemate

  9. Bro chose to stalemate with a winning position lmfao

  10. i think you made some mistake. The guy on the left is white not black…

  11. What you should do when wining
    Finish your opponent ❌
    Give away pieces then stalemate✅

  12. White could have won making battery and attack 8 rank as there's only one defender queen

  13. What happen if black queen take promoted rook at h8?
    What happen if black play Qb8 after white play Qf8, white queen can't take black bishop at h8 because black queen will take white queen and there no stalemate, or if white queen take black queen, black still have chance to win with two pawn and two bishop
    Did i blind somewhere

  14. Bf6 would have save the game and Black would have won

  15. After Qf8… Play Be4 check before taking the free Queen

  16. Bro just give bishop check and stalemate is stopped

  17. After black promotes Bro all u have to do is check with the light squared bishop and kill the rook now because now there’s is no stalemate. I check this with stockfish and white was dead lost

  18. Qh3 threatening to crown and checkmate with the rock?

  19. Bro bishop could have just checkd and this wouldnt be stalematr

  20. Some people don't know how strong double bishops are

  21. Bishop check e4 after promotion and that is a way to get out of stalemate

  22. The best move after queen to F8 was bishop to E5 because if queen takes queen after then block with the bishop if ur opponent is 200 elo he will take the bishop just take back with the king then ur pawns are unstoppable

  23. Bruh black bishops are threatning mate

  24. Wait If the queen takes the Promoted Rook Then Bishop Will Protect the king from being stalemated And it's ok to lose the queen cause ur up So Much material

  25. After queen f8 just move bishop a2 and black win.

  26. The best move after Pawn promotion, Queen takes instead of the bishop, the Qf8 check, Queen takes queen, then R c8 check , bishop takes Rook, and it won't be a stalemate in this case 👍

  27. Bruhh, check the white king with bishop, force the king to a different square, and capture the queen to prevent stalemate

  28. Or queen takes on first move, then the black bishop can block, so your video sucks, i dont like when you dont actually check your own puzzle for mistakes

  29. simply black's blunder, Be4 Ka2 Bh8 then push pawn and win

  30. Bro could've won but bro say nope and made it a stalemate

  31. H8 is a blunder because after u queen you play bishop d5 check. The king moves and then u can take the rook and no worries for STALEMATE cuz the king will have space

  32. Instead 9f promoting rook d1 is winning for white I believe 😊

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