BRILLIANT Intermediate Chess!

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  1. I just crossed it and dropped 100 rating points the next day.

  2. I am currently 1100 purely from watching Levys caro vids

  3. As a 1200 elo player i can confirm I play like this

  4. I do remember because I went from 900 to 1250 in a week

  5. My first brilliant move was accidental, so I'll pretend it didn't happen
    My second brilliant move, although, was a knight sacrifice taking a pawn protected by another pawn and the queen, but he took with the pawn, then I took the pawn with the bishop, with a check, and he couldn't take the bishop with the queen because my queen was protecting it, so he moved the king and I took the rook, because the check was a fork

  6. I think stockfish is high af. It gave me a brilliant for clean blundering a rook and doing nothing after it. It's game plan was actually :
    Give rook
    single move pawn off starting square at round 15

  7. Should I be embarrassed if my elo is in the double digits

  8. The end with the ad timed so welll 👌 not even mad at the ad

    But yeah chess = lots of emotions, you really felt them through the replay

  9. I remember where I was when I crossed 1200 on lichess…..

  10. Hey I'm at this elo and I play the london and I also move my bishop back to g3. How do I submit my games to you I got 3 brilliant moves today and played a different game with 92% accuracy. Please I've been watching you for a year it would mean a lot to me to get on the channel I watch your videos every day and learned the london from your videos.

  11. That eye contact at the end after you said "if we do the math.." letting me know that the whole time I thought I was following along with that logically thought process it was just a mockery of the 1200 brain

  12. ok this was a pretty regular game from my perspective, im about at this elo and that's the kind of mistakes i make. VERY instructive

  13. I am lauging, so much…. But probably shouldn´t, because both these players played better than 99.9% of my games.

  14. Levy takes the car salesman / sport commentator roles to the next level

  15. I probably crossed 1200 chess ELO when I was 7 which was just before 9/11

  16. I’m a 950 and I swear I play butter than this

  17. 17:48 Qd1+ does win the rook: Re2, Qf1+, Rf2, g4+ and the king cannot defend the rook anymore.

  18. Laughing at this at 600 elo is pure comedy

  19. 5:29 “…and I’m almost bald.” Not a necessary comment but an appreciated one🤣

  20. as of writing this comment, I am 1100 rated

  21. i’m just so glad i skipped this phase of chess

  22. am 2000 or 1812 so am a gotham veiw not all are low rated

  23. Bro levy just started this video off by so violently roasting the audience, tf

  24. My rating was 2065 and my account got disabled for no specifec reason can some one help me

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