Bobby Fischer’s BRUTAL Attack | Immortal Chess Game

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov analyzes Bobby Fischer’s immortal chess game against Peter Dely. The game was played at the Skopje Tournament 1967. The Fischer-Sozin Attack was played from the Sicilian Defense.

This game illustrates Fischer’s aggressive attacking idea. You will learn how to keep the momentum going by attacking your opponent especially when you are ahead in development. Fischer won this game in just 17 moves!

► Chapters

00:00 Bobby Fischer’s Attacking Chess Game
01:24 Attacking Idea of White
03:00 1st Critical Position: Key Idea to Remember!
05:07 2nd Critical Position: Keeping the Momentum
07:13 If Black plays b5 to block the check
08:09 Funny story by Fischer
09:26 The winning move is… (did you find it?)

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  1. Big fan of the videos, I’ve been watching for a long time. I just want to point out that the singular form of “tactics” is “tactic”

  2. In variant with Bg5 you don't need to take the Black Queen but his rook and it's still win. Idk why Fisher said it isn't winning

  3. What if black move pawn e5? The queen will deffence?

  4. You’re prob the most informative channel I watch

    I wish your videos were longer lol

    I suffer from sever insomnia and will often visualize the board and listen to chess at night.

    Can we add some recaps on live chess events ???

  5. After Be3, what happens if Black plays Ng4?

  6. Fischer rarely got closer to Morphy than here. He did once say Morphy was the greatest of them all. He's probably right. It takes a lot of confidence and talent to play like, burning all of your bridges as you go along.

  7. I love these analysis of Fischer’s games. He’s one of the most fascinating players chess has ever produced. Thank you for these videos and for the clear and concise analysis.

  8. White resigned? Ata bout 6:40 "Let's take a look at what white can do" and you move black's king out of check? Gees, man – making a video that you have the opportunity to review and edit before uploading, and yet you confuse white and black?

  9. If you have God, you know where you are going! "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?"

  10. Bobby Fischer is the greatest chess player of all time 😀👑

  11. Why not cover the most logical reply to f5, exf5?

  12. Yeah, I hate it when they resign too soon. It detracts from the win by truncating the tactics. One great thing about Fischer's Game of the Century that made it stand out to me was it was played by Byrne to the bitter end, after hope was lost. So we could see a the mating net.

  13. When black offers the queen trade white should give a check with the bishop on A4 and if the queen captures the bishop take the queen and you will up a queen if black blocks the check with the bishop take the bishop with the queen and that's checkmate. White missed the win.

  14. blah blah blah – jusy show the moves quickly

  15. I really appreciate your clear and accessible analysis. Some other channels are just too fast and technical for beginners. You have a new subscriber!

  16. Morphy was better than hundreds of fishers

  17. Brazil is under censorship. Get informed about it.

  18. Instead of his last move, 17.Qa4

    My suggestion is: 17.Bg5!!

    This will lead to a faster conclusion.

    It prevents 17…Rd8

    If 17…Qf7

    Then 18.Rd1!

    Followed by checkmate:

    19.Qd7 1-0

    Alternately, after 17.Bg5

    If 17…h6 to shoo away White's Bishop

    18.Rd1! threatening checkmate with 19.Qd7

    If 18…Qf7

    19.Qd8! leads to checkmate

  19. At 4:07 is an opportunity for check mate for White Bishop at b3 to move to a4. Can someone you please double check that for me thank you.

  20. I found the winning move before it was mentioned.

  21. Great, fantastic and immortal Bobby Fischer!!! Respect forever!!! 👍👍👍

  22. The big Fisher move at 9:40, why not move the white bishop to c5?

  23. This was very standard and traditional game without surprises, except the ending

  24. Unbelievable, Bobby Fischer! But take in mind that those years, there were so many great players gaving something spicy on the chess air!!
    And when Bobby came, a huge sentimental explosion came alive..
    Immortal times! That feeling has gone…

  25. How does that win the game if black short castles ??

  26. no one can match Fisher's over the board end game analysis…

  27. There's actually any difference between "immoral" and "immortal"?

  28. If bobbys black Bishop does what u said black side can still castle

  29. When rook blocks Bobby's queen u as bobby go rook f1. Then queen a8 then hide

  30. Hide queen e4. And still if u let them castle it's still e4.

  31. With. Y method u either win queen then mate or they move there queen taking ur rook or u have the next 3 moves mate

  32. Or force rook up take with ur bishop to d8 after u do a queen a8 check he'd block with his queen then whites queen goes back to c6 for checkmate

  33. 10:04 Why doesn't black castle? You say Bg5 is wrong because he castles, what is stopping black from castling against Bb6?

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