Bobby Fischer’s Best Chess Game Ever! | Fischer vs R. Byrne – US, 1963 | The Brilliancy Prize

Here’s a review of a Great Game of chess played between Robert Eugene Byrne and Bobby Fischer in 1963 in New York, USA. This game was played in the US Championship & was awarded the Brilliancy Prize at that time. I believe this is the best game of Bobby Fischer, even better than his ‘game of the century’. Let me know what you think.
Robert Byrne was playing with the white pieces & Robert James Fischer was playing with black pieces. The opening played was the King’s Indian / Grunfeld Defense. This game has an exciting story behind it. Fischer was on a roll – such fierce determination to play for the win, even with the Black pieces, is a Fischer hallmark. 20 years old, Grandmaster Robert James Fischer was already among the world’s very best chess players. In this brilliancy, Fischer demonstrates how to inject multiple imbalances into a highly symmetrical position, how to properly highlight these differences to benefit from it, and how to accurately assess the true value of the pieces as they rest on the chessboard. By the way, I also have a chess puzzle for you all, let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Heyy beauty why are you a cutie❤ single ho kya?

  2. Byrne brothers were born to get roasted

  3. I did not expect this ending haha wow mind blowing

  4. Qxa7+ Kxa7 Ra5+ Kb8 Nb6 …. Ra8 checkmate

  5. Bishop to c7,rook to b6, checkmate..if Oppenant doesnt sacrifies his queen ,,this works with two steps

  6. sir aap ke bolne vale likhne me aa rhe the chess board pr jisase sahi se dekhne me dikkat ho rhi thi

  7. 1. Qxa7+ Kxa7
    2. Ra5+ Kb8
    3. Nb6 Any move of Black
    4. Ra8#

  8. horse to b 6 , soldier take horse the other is pinned by queen . then horse check mate and the queen is pinned … took 10 sec

  9. What pisses me off is the fact that they don't carry the game to the conclusion!!!!

  10. after bishop check what if Kf3? blocking the bishop?

  11. Namaskar one of the enigmatic move very difficult to understand thanks

  12. 1) Qa7. KxQa7
    2) Ra5. Kb8(forced)
    3) Nb6# (checkmate)

    **c7 pawn is pinned by the bishop

  13. Obviously it was all downhill for Bobby Fischer after this game. It's sad to peak so soon in one's career.

  14. Bah…he could have finished it much sooner…knight up in front of pawn early… the move was there…cant believe he missed that. Shame

  15. Qxa7+ , Kxa7, Ra5+, Kb8, Nb6, its over because every move can not block the checkmate with Ra8#

  16. yeah plus its my favourite game ever

  17. The answer for the puzzle starts by following sequence:- Queen a7 check, king to capture is the forced move, then Ra5, then king b8 is again forced to the black king, then knight to b6, can't capture knight because the c pawn is pinned to the king with the bishop which is on h2, no matter whatever move black plays, the checkmate cant be stopped, the last move is rook to a8

  18. This is why I think I'll never be good at chess

  19. Wow what a magnificent game. Bobby Fischer will forever be that guy in my book.

  20. This game is a treasure but not close to "the game of the century", as coined by the Russians…

  21. Yes Robert James Fischer best game in the puzzle🧩 1.b5🎉

  22. I cannot see black pieces because of ur subtitles…plz remove these subtitles or place somewhere else.

  23. Excellent upload – thanks – you are explaining very simply and making us understand the complexities. It's very thrilling for us now to watch these game.

  24. The Pawn progresses to B5..So now if the Bishop tries to take the Pawn, The Rook takes over and in the next move it will go to C7..After that Queen Goes to A7 and it's a Checkmate..Now if, the Bishop moves to D5 since it has no place to go, the Rook will take the Bishop and the counter move..The Black Rook will take my White Rook..Now the E4 Pawn Activates and it will take the Black Rook in D5 and it's an exchange..Now the Game will be fully open with an Advantage for me..

  25. Bdw before my Queen goes to A7..The Rook will take the B7 Square and it's a Checkmate in the First place

  26. What if my opponent plays 2nd move on c3

  27. Going against Bobby must’ve been like playing a wolf who couldn’t stop sharpening his fangs

  28. Is this Bobby Fischer's Best Game Ever?
    What do You Think?

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