Blindfold chess game with commentary

As an exercise for myself, I tried playing a blindfold chess game with commentary. Time controls were set at 15 minutes with a 10 second increment. It was my first time playing blindfold chess in some time. After recording, I edited in another board with pieces so the viewer could chose to follow the game with or without pieces. If you’re new to blindfold chess and would like to try it, consider setting yourself a smaller goal to begin such as playing a legal game of chess up to X moves. I’ve found blindfold chess to be an excellent tool to improve ones memorization, visualization, and calculation skill.

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  1. i would like to upgrade to diamond or platinum membership on please tell me how to go about it

  2. Goal not achieved – you did not get your 20 moves 😉
    Joke aside, nice video, good brain activity 🙂

  3. When you play blindfold chess do you imagine the board in 2D (as in books) or 3D(as a real board)?
    This is an question for anyone who already knows to play blindfold chess.

  4. Hi jery, I am a newbie chess player, but isn't it a little bit easier to have an empty board in front of you than being really blindfolded ? I mean, when you are really blindfolded, you have to picture the board in your head, here at least you have the empty board as a little help.
    Oh, and I didn't even realized before minute 16, your mouse pointer changes when you are on a square with a piece
    Anyway, congratz for playing this, this is impressive.

  5. I had to check the date on the video to see if it was a 1. april joke :p

    Never heard of blindfold chess before…

  6. I tried following along blindfolded but i didn't have the self control to not glance over at the board :(.
    Also for the little while that i did manage to follow along i found it hardest to keep track of the pieces that hadn't moved yet.
    Which is weird because they are obviously on their home squares but the pieces that did move were the ones that lit up in my mind and i am actively thinking about.
    While the rest fade into the background.

  7. Hovering over a piece turns your pointer into a finger? Seems broken.

  8. What makes this even harder is the other player can see the board as well, unless they decide to change the layout to blindfold as well. When my students have been in my chess class for over a year, we begin practicing blind chess. Many of them are actually very good at it.

  9. 7. Bg5 would have attacked the queen and traded bishops

  10. 12:00 Knight to G5 then Bishop to H5 lastly a queen/rook fork Knight F7? I'm new too chess

  11. At 31:04 i saw 5 moves ahead and thought its best so i went on stocktfish and it had the same exact thing god damn it felt good

  12. Why wouldn't you celebrate Christmas? Santa gives me presents that I have always wanted!

  13. You are cheating. This is not blindfold. You can check with the mouse cursor wheter a piece is on a square.

  14. Just tried blindfold chess for the first time. Played a couple of matches. It seems Once I get to about move 15 I start to lose the picture and forget where pieces are and miss easy tactics.

  15. I think instead of Qf3 at the end you should have taken his bishop with Nxf6? I know you can't see the board, but is that the best move?? I was going through it in my head for awhile, I'm not very good, but i thought that would have been a really good move!

  16. That's amazing, to still be able to see the tactics and moves without seeing the pieces. And keeping track of all the positions. I'd love to see another one of these.

  17. blindfold means no notation. So its not blindfold

  18. I've done this once on back in high school against our chess coach at the time. All we did was say our moves out a loud and I remember trying to visualize the board in my head. Eventually I won after managing to pinch a queen for a knight. That might of been maybe 15 moves deep.

  19. 20 legal moves in a blind game? I would just randomly move my knights up and down for the whole game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Makes you appreciate Magnus just a little more. Being able to play 10 of these games as once

  21. I often play chess with my students and I frequently start games blindfolded and I usually have to take a peak after about move 10. It is very challenging to play this way.

  22. It was great!!! More blindfold chess please!!!

  23. Unfortunately you didn't make it to move 20! 😀

  24. Your voice is so soothing I actually fell asleep. Just woke up. And I'm gonna finish the video now.

  25. I tried playing blindfold the other day, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. There were 30 moves of knowing where all of the pieces were, and I'm only around a 1500 rating. I quickly forgot most of them after that 30 moves though and completely lost in a winning position.

  26. I've been playing chess since i was 16, i have try so hard to improve my game i was stuck. Now after i have viewed your videos i can say now i am playing chess with stategic approach. I am 47 now

  27. I wouldnt remember what colour i am after 5 moves

  28. Good. Now try playing chess without a board to look at, or the moves played so far. And against a skilled human player. That's how I used to play blindfolded chess.

  29. Digging this back up in 2019, please show more of blindfold chess videos Jerry! <3

  30. This isn't really blind chess though. In real blind chess you make your moves with a blindfold on, and use the grid reference. A third party makes the moves but you don't need to have a physical chess board. I've seen full games played this way. You really have to know your techniques and strategies very well to be good at it. When you first start learning how to play blind chess learn an opening, and play that every time. Then try another, and another and another. You'll suck for a very long time. Then learn some advancing moves. After a while you start to see in your mind the moves you make and the grid becomes second nature.

  31. Was SkilledPawn also playing blindfolded?

  32. Theres no way this is real, hes looking at the side board dont be fooled

  33. "I didn't see this position very clearly." – Jerry after playing blindfolded

  34. I have a friend,and I played chess with him for like 7 years without ever beating him,admittedly,I'm a weak player….So one day he decided to play me from the next room where he can't see the board..He can't take notes and has to keep the whole thing in his head without a record of notation…….I thought I could beat him under these conditions…..
    He beat me again just the same….true story.
    That's what I get for thinking I could beat some kind of mutant chess robot in human form,

  35. Didn’t realize Black was not playing blindfold! All the less rationale then, for the cramped timidity of his pieces. His Queenside, even in development, was dysfunctional.

    That said, I don’t know what his rating was.

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