Best Queen Sacrifice Ever😳 | Checkmate Trick – Chess #shorts

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Here’s an Amazing Chess Trick where Black uses a brilliant tactical idea. He makes an insane queen sacrifice to trap & checkmate the white king. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess


  1. That's not a joke bro black win the game

  2. You need to capture the queen by your king

  3. Mikhail Tal sacrificed yet another queen.

  4. Bhan kee land chess khel ne nhi aata ha I kya

  5. Why didnt he took the Queen with the king

  6. King hit the queen . What the big issue… This is not check mat

  7. He sacrifice his queen little didt he know that ges opponent have a battle pass .

  8. For people who don't understand, after king takes on h1, bishop f3, check, and then the king is forced to g1 and then rook d1 is checkmate

  9. Kxh1 is forced. Then Bf3+ Kg1 is forced, then Rd1+ Re1 is forced and then ultimately Rxe1# is a beautiful checkmate

  10. Bro , you can capture the queen at the last didn’t you see that??

  11. Eric Cartman and Cristiano Ronaldo the best says:

    If he did rook e8 he would’ve mated the black king

  12. カザマカズヨシ / 風真一義 says:

    Chess Universe resigned.

  13. I was not expecting it to be against you, but I loved how graceful you were about it

  14. 𝙨𝙖𝙪𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙚 says:

    does anyone know which chess app this is?

  15. Bishop b2-f6 was wrong move ? You could capture that pawn .

  16. white king takes black queen then white bishop f3 check then white king to g1 then black rook to d1 check and then white rook to e1 blocking it then black rook takes white rook is mate

  17. Chess principle: If a legend sacrifices his Queen , the next few moves will be 99.9% a checkmate 😂

  18. Black followed the sigma rule, which is when your opponent attacks, you counterattack (not defend)

  19. Am I just dumb in chess a lot or cant you take the queen with the king because it's not protected???

  20. Thank you for the game name 😊

  21. Its not a check mate you can capture the queen and then your game will become awesome

  22. What if when he plays rook in e1 black queen can easily kill the rook and chekmate

  23. Everyone who thinks he can take a queen then here's the explaination for you. White is forced to take the queen but he can't stop the mate. King takes queen forced then comes the bishop f3 check, kg1 is forced then rook d1 check, rook e1 is forced then rook takes rook and it's a mate.

  24. isn't there any de chess app where i can learn chess in detail

  25. Lose se bachane ka abhibi ek chance hai

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