Best Chess Opening For Players Below 1000 Elo #chess #shorts


  1. I think that above 800 you should have one e4 and one d4 opening and should know basic counters for black, or else you get screwed when (definitely a hypothetical here) your opponent plays an opening you’ve never seen (the London) and smokes you because you don’t know what’s happening. Also, I learned the Dutch at 800 to counter queen’s pawn

  2. Opponent plays englund gambit

  3. Im 1700 but i don’t understand openings or defense to beat anyone above me

  4. You can't always just use one opening despite your points, and you won't always be white, what the hell is your point?

  5. Do not learn the "openings" Learn opening theory: rapid development, control the center, king safety etc. Instead learn an Opening System as White and a Defensive System as Black. Save yourself hundreds of hours that can be better spent studying middlegame tactics and endgames. Oh and stay away from the Queen's Gambit!

  6. Now im no pro but im 1500 and i can say you dont need stuff like this ever but i play this opening and you can play whatever and hit 1400 i did i havent tried to push i chill around 1500 but i do like this opening leads to some nasty attacks in certain variations

  7. …and then i see a video on how tk beat it


  8. I love when people open with D4 then I play b6 🤣🤣 always knocks 10-30 seconds off their clock

  9. Him playing random moves to let us develop for free 💀

  10. No wonder, so many people have been playing this against me. But you didn’t go to enough depth, so they all lost😂

  11. Not recommended for beginners, kings gambit better, high risk high reward

  12. "it's the only opening you need to know" The opponent goes b6 after 1.d4.

  13. I like "4 Knights" I can find easily good position for me

  14. The queen's gambit, known as "easy opening to be caught in a trap"

  15. I play the Queens Pawn: Amazon attack(D4 Qd3) and the birds opening(F4 and Nf3), and sometimes the birds opening:from’s gambit

  16. What if black plays e5 on first move?

  17. Ahh yes original queen's gambit even I that has 678 elo use that

  18. As black as soon as I see D4 I activate my knight and hope that I’ll finally get to use the Budapest

  19. Dude: plays opening
    Opponent: plays something else
    Dude: "what?! NOOO DUUUDE"

  20. This sounds fun let’s play it!

    d4, e5


  21. When he said "controlling the center"

    Look at the arrows, i dont think pawns control the center like that

  22. There's a whole lot of variations for the queens gambit… I advise anyone as a starter to play the london system for white it is simple.

  23. Slav Defense: 💀
    Semi-Slav: 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
    Albin Countergambit: 🤪💅💅💅
    Chigorin Variation: 😈
    Indian Game: 🗿🍷

  24. No not good advice good opening but i mean you have to learn
    queens gambit declined
    queens gambit accepted
    slav defense
    semi slav defense
    Marshall defense
    Chigorin variation and hes not guarenteed to play d6 if he plays nf6 or c5 or e5 you have to learn that too

  25. Trust me you don’t want to see my dark side☝️🤓 says:

    I just play kings Indian and London

  26. “The only opening you need to know”. Not only is a lack of opening study gonna keep you below 1000 elo, but so is praying that someone plays d5 in response to d4

  27. This is the best opening as white especially for 400 elo

  28. wait this is literally what i do i didnt know it was an opening

  29. Is rejecting a Queens gambit better than accepting it?

  30. bro transposed into a london and thought we would notice

  31. I play this a little differently but I won almost every game with queen’s gambit if you want proof my username is: WilburSoon

  32. When you are above that level, don't play it. It has a 60 to 70% draw chance.😅

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