Best Chess Game Ever Played? Paulsen – Morphy, American Chess Congress 1857

In this video, I show and explain what is in my opinion one of the best chess games ever played, and go into detailed analysis of the ideas of both sides.
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  1. If Morphy won the game – then why didn't you demonstrate the game from Morphy perspective? 🤔 🧐

  2. I've seen the game before, nice analysis.
    The layout's OK, but I think you should have something else on the right side, maybe some more info about the players

  3. Although I like this game, my favourite has to be Kaspaorv's immortal against Topalov

  4. Since Morphy is a fast player, it was noted that he took about 5 minutes on the move Qxf3

  5. Good analysis for your age. Perhaps some feedback is to not stray so much from the actual gameplay.

  6. It's a great channel!! You're doing great!!

  7. just let the game play to the end then make your comments.

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