Benefits of Playing Chess #mindset #chess


  1. He is convinced that he is genius and for somedays he made fool of people to show himself as genius but as the time passed the more he spoke the more he exposed his inner foolishness to the word of just self confident single track idiot

  2. Quote was by Paul Morphy one of the best Chess players at the time. But during his time there was little money to be made in chess and said this after failing to obtain a match against Staunton.

  3. Andrew is 200 ELO and he realised he can't be an expert

  4. It's just a fancy way of saying " chess is boring let's play something else" you got violated on the last match😅

  5. I don't get it – expertly is wasted, I don't get it.

  6. Opponent plays e5
    Andrew: wow, now i need to calculate

  7. Life is a game of chess, you can't undo it but can make next step better

  8. The baby head jokes are not that bad. It’s worse when the children are kids and understand people think they look funny.

  9. There's nothing I hate more than a person equating anything to chess, and to be honest I'm tired of the, "Holier than thou." Attitude chess players have.

    Chess sucks. It's a dumb game to distract stupid people that want to feel superior, and the only reason anybody can make a comparison with chess is because you make moves in chess. That's it. Period, the end. There's nothing else comparable about glorified checkers. Chess is not a good game, and anybody who plays it was manipulated at some point into thinking they'd be smarter for learning it, but in reality you're 100x easier to manipulate because all you think is: "I played the game that's known to be for smart people, therefore I'm smart!" And people just stop thinking for some reason. People look at you the same way they look at homeless people who brag about playing candy land. It's not impressive, nothing you do is impressive, and the only reason you think it's impressive is because you're trying to compensate.

  10. Expertly played game of chess is a wasted life.. I'm lost… What's is this man saying ..

  11. You should really visit speach therapist

  12. Ah yes Paul morphs. The original “Get a life bro.”

  13. That's true. Magnus Carlsen gets bored and hates chess. I watched all of his streams

  14. As a 1,400 Elo player I guess that makes me a gentleman 😌

  15. I love chess, but out of all the people who play chess in the world, how many actually make a great living just playing? 10 guys? 15 guys?

    How many are millionaires? Even less.

    Andrew is just saying that conisdering the time required to become an expert in chess, its probably better to focus on your business first.

  16. The wisdom in this content led to significant changes in my outlook. A similar book I read was incredibly influential. "Game Theory and the Pursuit of Algorithmic Fairness" by Jack Frostwell

  17. He's only a showman who knows some in amateur level but wants to cheat people by speaking about everything like a professional

  18. I think this applies much more to Texas hold ‘em

  19. I feel like his insecurity made him purposefully miss out the Queen from his list of roles.

  20. Its such a shame that andrew tate could be just great chess player and mentor but ended like its ended

  21. What if play worst as like you😂😂

  22. He aint lying tho, even now only the top 1% of chess players can acc make some money

  23. one thing i learned (am learning) late is that great effort to gain small advantages > small effort to gain great advantages

  24. Did anyone else notice his pieces were set up incorrectly?

  25. Why do yall care what a ped* thinks?

  26. In the olden days the metaphor of chess for social roles in a group or just in a society as a whole was very popular for a while. I agree with Andrew as long as I get to be king and he can be my pawn 🙂

  27. Being World Chess Champion with zero life knowledge but swag without women, but be a standard good chess player with women.

  28. Thats ridiculous, you can keep the team of pawns and knights and what not, but a team of just queens and a king is just OBJECTIVELY better, wtf is he smoking?

  29. Ok, he doesn't know anything about chess except pieces name..

  30. Andrew is a **ck*ng man if chess will never be played expertly then no sport chess will there

  31. The quote translates to 'play chess decently but if you are too good then youre a waste of life' 🙃

  32. Magnus is the person who has beaten 10 chess experts at same time blindfoldedly… How would you rate him ???

  33. He is Anti-Christ 6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣👿

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