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Hi. My name is Rebecca Taxman and I am with Chess NYC. Today, I am going to show you the basics of the Sicilian defense. Now, when people think of the Sicilian, they’re like woo! It’s a huge opening. This is one of the strongest defenses for black. There are probably about over ten variations that can be strongly played in the Sicilian defense.

I’ve played the Sicilian defense, maybe, over 2000 times and every time that I play it, I learn something new. So today, I’m just going to show you the raw basics of the Sicilian defense. So, let’s start.Usually, white wants to start off with E4 controlling the center. Now instead of playing E5, black decides to play C5, a counter center. White then proceeds with knight F3. And now again, there are different variations that can be played here, but the typical variation is D6 creating a minor little pawn chain and opening up way for bishop development. Next, white wants to develop and attack the center. So, they play D4. This is a must take.

Then, white takes back. Now, we notice that white seems to have a little bit of an advantage here because they have their knight in the center and a pawn in the center. We want to stop white from playing C4, which is called the Moroczy Bind. And, we want to stop them from playing this and really controlling a lot of the center. In order to do that, we play knight F6 attacking the E4 pawn. Therefore, white cannot play this because we can take the E4 pawn. White’s next move is knight C3. Now in order to stop an attack on this B5 square which is aiming directly at black’s king, it is extremely imperative that black plays A6 to stop an attack on B5.

The knight, now, cannot come to B5. This knight cannot come to B5. Additionally, this bishop is hindered from coming to B5 and is forced to go to C4 or somewhere further back. And, this is the raw basics of the Sicilian. From here, we can go on to many different variations, such as the Scheveningen, the Najdorf, and the Dragon, just to name a few.


  1. what's that chess set you're using?
    and also the clock?

  2. I'm so happy so many people have found chess since the Queen's Gambit came out! What a good show for people who love the game, too!

  3. I have watched the queen's gambit, i am now self-declared chess master

  4. thats only one line with 10 variations…this opening has very many other moves besides 2.. d6 and white has a very strong gambit on move 2 also if black doesnt know it

  5. Why at 1:12 black bishop didnt go to 4G so enemy has to decied if he wants to lose horse or queen? someone smarther then me answer please ty

  6. I Love This.. Now Why Can't All CHESS Tutorials Have These Same Camera Angles, and Be This Briefly Yet Well Explained??!!!

  7. Cool vid. I wonder if she's still playing chess today.

  8. These videos are 7 years old but are now popping up cause everyone wants to be Beth

  9. Almost word-for-word my first intro to the Sicilian by a club player. While I play Sicilian against 1. e4, I myself will never play 1. e4, because of all the well-known theory versus 1. e4. If it were JUST the Sicilian I had to worry about, then I'd probably be a 1. e4 player, but I never wanted to learn all the theory behind all the OTHER responses. Life is too short, and I didn't want to work that hard to master a board game.

  10. Play the closed Sicilian or the Alapin variation. These are the best variations for white

  11. If u move the knight to f6 the bishop can move to b5 can it’s mate

  12. Sicilian defense video exist
    Queen gambit fans: its free real estate

  13. Thank you, a very concise, conceptual and informative explanation on this incredible defense.

  14. The quality is so good for a 7 years old video

  15. You forgot the part where the cooked chicken walks in and throws eggs all over the board

  16. This is a great video, very clearly explained but not too technical for us newbies to follow.

  17. Me on January 1st 2021 learning how to be a better chess player

  18. My Saved by the Bell Screech attack destroys the Sicilian

  19. Bless up. All the comments here are still from 3 or 5 years ago. What a rare sighting on today's YouTube page.

  20. Can you subscribe to my channel and provide comment, like and monitoring support?

  21. Good video, but why does she yell at me? :'(

  22. I wish she would’ve said “Everytime i have played the Sicilian Defense, I have won”

  23. Not planning to be a pro,just want to know wtf is Sicilian defense

  24. HAH! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders…Never gamble against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line! Ahaha HAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHA HA-

  25. What's the name of this specific chess board? Where can I buy it from? Please let me know if anyone know something about it ?

  26. Chess came from india but we have Sicilian defense n what not

  27. Is anyone gonna talk about Video quality from over 7 years ago?

  28. The cringy Queen's Gambit comments make me not want to watch that show.

  29. Sicilian defense = My Nonna with a sawed off shotgun. Go to bed, one Netflix series isn’t going to make you good at chess.

  30. I subscribed half-way through. Why? Because in other chess videos the presenter usually goes, "White played this, Black played that, and then white does this, and Black does that, White follows with this move, and now here Black responds with this move because…" Ok, fine, but why did the players move their pieces the way they did before explaining the last move?! It drives me crazy. Can't anyone explain a chess game move by move?

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