Basics Of Queen’s Gambit Declined | Chess Opening for White and Black

Basics Of Queen’s Gambit Declined | Chess Opening for White and Black


  1. Thank you so much broo! I dont know why the most important and useful videos like these get less views. Due to it I faced difficulties to find this video(fir me it's resource)

  2. But wat if the black pieces thlake the bishop with the pawn????


  4. Question: At 3:10 If The Queen went to d7 and Protect what shoud i do then?

  5. I am watching it again for the 6th time, I am just amazed.

  6. Nice! I loved the minority attack concept and will look for more on that. I enjoyed the Queen’s Ganbite declined but it showed few variations for a beginner. I’m 1100. So it was good to see on the Queen’s Ganbit accepted video the many possible first moves. Looking at 10+ moves is not useful for me yet because my opponents and I won’t play as perfect as that. xD

  7. Harold Fleckleburg Production Studio Ltd Inc says:

    Thanks so much for making this! Subscribed! You have a very clear way of explaining things. What do you recommend one does when whatever chess program they use never plays like tutorials show? For example my program hardly ever plays pawn to C6 after white moves Bishop to G5. It usually moves Bishop to G4 which seems to screws everything up. What would you suggest to keep exploring to develop theory around this opening? It seems pretty important that Black moves pawn to C6. I’m a beginner though so I’m probably wrong!

  8. thank you very thorough explanation with clear language…u da man Kestony

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