Basic Chess Openings Explained

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I get a lot of questions about chess openings. In this video and the comments below, I’ll answer all of them! ASK AWAY BELOW!

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  1. I just finished learning how the pieces move and figured I'd watch a video to get ideas on how to start my games, but this video goes way too fast for me to follow.

  2. I watched the first 2 minutes of this video.

    I've probably played about 500-1000 games of Chess in my entire life. Over the board without timers.

    It's also been about 20 years since I last played a game of chess.

    This video is too fast for me and it's not for beginners. If that is any help at all, I hope it serves you well.

  3. Is there a really good book for beginners on openings?

  4. My question is, how do I properly develop the queen? I'm rated about 700, so I just develop my knights and my bishops and I castle. Great little setup, but then I just don't know how to attack. The board is just stuffed with pieces lol. Eventually I'll start blundering and lose, even though I had such a good start. What can do I do?

  5. My how your videos have changed (for the better)

  6. Bro looks like bernard from megamind

  7. I learned how to play chess during lockdown and have a few relatives and friends who've been playing for years. So far my record is 0 – 8 playing against them. In watching this video, I feel I have a better chance during the next time I see them. Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up. I cannot wait.

  8. I just started playing chess and I don’t play often only recently I started playing everyday. But I’m already 1500 is that normal??

  9. 14-1500??? I can't pass 700, I need more openings! Have had some success with the London

  10. Thank you. I’m learning chess to teach my son. I’m a horrible chess player, and this video gives me ideas for improving my game and his. ❤

  11. This guys voice is rly u retesting forget some reason ty for the lesson

  12. Okay explain that again, but 50 times slower thanks👌

  13. Currently 300 rating. Looking to pick an opening and master it.

  14. This is my best teacher in the world 🌍

  15. I love Qh5 as white. I don’t know why I just love it.

  16. Excellent vídeo. Very helpful. I Will be using the setup openings on my online recreational games

  17. I was thinking about starting to play chess so I clicked on this video and my car caught on fire. I think I’ll just stick to connect 4

  18. I was at 500 and then I started learning all of this sht and practicing against high level bots now my winstreak is 7 wins out of 8 games 😂

  19. 4. Bc4 at 0:48 is a mild inaccuracy, because black can respond with 4. ….Nxe4 5. Nxe4 d5, forking the Bishop and Knight. Stockfish 15.1 gives this line -.1 eval at 30 depth whereas playing d4 instead of Bc4 has an eval of +.1

  20. Okay those are what to do if I'm 1300 but what do I do as a 600

  21. Me: Levy is so calm and matter of fact this HAS to be an old video
    YT: 2 years ago

    Yup 🤣

  22. My god Levy is so calm it's creeping me out

  23. thanks to you, I will now crush my uncle's soul when I meet him for Christmas. It's payback time

  24. I'm needing the name of the pieces. If I were solely dependent on the video to learn then this is not quit the beginning I would prefer to start with.

  25. what should we do after the opening? how do we make progress?

  26. Ohhhh you’re the guy that was supposed to or was boxing in Ludwig’s chess boxing (can’t remember)

  27. I can play ok against people my level but for some reason I always fail against the inexperienced player who makes a wave out of pawns

  28. Using the king's indian, if they push e4 then d4 and then d5 attacking your e6 pawn, should you defend it so it cannot take your knight or should you just progress as usual??

  29. This is way too hard. I’m never gonna learn this game

  30. I feel like this video is way more slow down, I like it more than Gothans newest videos.

  31. If you have trouble applying all of this, what I did is focus on one specific point and just played until it was second nature, he says at the beginning you want you move a pawn or two to the center and develop your knights and bishops, so I focused on doing that and just played, sure I was clueless after the opening but I got very very comfortable with those concepts, which I’m sure have 1000 different reasons why you should abandon those concepts based on position, but we aren’t GM’s we are beginners, gotta build the base first even if it’s flawed at the highest level.

  32. Your moving too fast. I dont understand why you use the openings. What is supposed to accomplish?

  33. I am 13 and started my chess journey months ago, but I took a break and now REALLY want to learn chess! Haven’t watched the video, but I feel it will help me a lot! So thank you!

  34. Sorry guys, recent chess updates made it so these don’t work anymore.

  35. I'm a little mixed up as to why you would castle with the Queen's pawn London opening at 03:53. The King's position seems pretty sweet before he castles.

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