Attacking on the kingside in the Kan! Introduction to a cool strategy!

Welcome to a thrilling chess journey as we explore the dynamic world of the Sicilian Kan! In this in-depth chess analysis, we delve into the intricacies of the Kan Variation, focusing on a unique attacking strategy to unleash havoc on the kingside.

Join Chess Coach Andras, the best chess coach of the internet, as he unveils his master plan for a Kingside attack that will leave your opponents stunned. In this video, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your openings, particularly the Sicilian Kan, and discover a powerful attacking idea that can change the course of your games.

🔥 Key Topics Covered:

The Sicilian Kan Opening
Strategies to Attack on the Kingside
In-depth Chess Game Analysis
Effective Chess Opening Analysis
How to Play the Sicilian Kan with Black
Whether you’re a chess enthusiast, a dedicated player, or a budding grandmaster, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to sharpen their attacking skills and enhance their chess education.

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  1. As a Najdorf player I found this really helpful. Great stuff as always!

  2. Definitely gonna try. That is, when my opponent plays the mainline instead of anti Sicilians, which seem to be more popular at the intermediate level lately.

  3. Really interesting stuff. I was already looking for a new sicilian setup for my repertoir. I tried the classical Nc6, but the Richter-Rauzer structures are not for everyone. I will check out the Kan. With White I usually go for a Maroczy Bind against it. Well, only if I don't go for the KIA earlier. Never played black against the Maroczy Bind, so I guess, I woukd need to look into that as well. At least I'm already familiar with the KIA from both sides, since I also play the French quite a lot. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hey man, what’s the next proyect on Chessable about?

  5. I'm mostly Scheveningen player (with black), very useful video. Thank you!

  6. Hey there, algo! This was – as usual – a great and insightful video, so I'd think other people might also be interested in seeing this! On-topic: These computer lines are absolutely insane! Geez.. But nice game nonetheless 🙂

  7. I've played the Kan as my main weapon against 1. e4 for over a year now. I've never seen this idea before. I'm usually pretty reluctant to play …g6, since I've only seen it used for that slow Be7-f8-g7 reroute. Playing …e5 never seems to give me anything as good as the d5-square that my opponent gets. It's cool to see how both moves can come together for such a harmonious position, so thx for sharing!

  8. Fantastic lesson for me as a Kan player. I feel like Bd2 is always an improvement over Be3 in these structures, especially since it's out of the way of the rook on e1 and allows for the bizarre b4!? idea to prevent Nc5 and avoid black's minority attack. Does g6+h5 still work against the d2 bishop?

  9. Great content as usual Andras, Kan is my go to but on a couple of occasions I’ve been done by White castling Q-side and sacking on b5 getting 3 pawns for a piece, computer says equal but I think it’s easier to play as White. Cheers man

  10. Learning how openings transition to different ones is a good way to learn principles instead of memorizing lines. Good update.

  11. Great video coach, I am a Kan player and this really helps to plan against f4-f5 attacks. Thanks heaps !

  12. Wow I JUST started branching out from the Dragon to the Kan – guess what my favourite internet coach posted :)!

  13. We need your Sicilian course, it is obvious how in love with this opening you are (hence I was suprised by 1… e5 in the course)

  14. I liked a lot the video.

    But this plan with g6,h5 only works against white's f4 king side attack, isn't it?

  15. Cool, The French Sicilian!! By transposition. Inside joke. Posted for the algorithm.

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