ASMR: Relax & Fall Asleep to this Beautiful Game of Chess (Alireza vs. Magnus Carlsen)

Feel free to fall asleep to this video of the beautiful chess game Alireza Firouzja vs. Magnus Carlsen, Crypto Cup 2022
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  1. Donde puedo conseguir esas Piezas de ajedrez?

  2. Sorry but i don’t understand if Magnus lost this game 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  3. Love you, your contents, format, and presentation. You can teach quantum physics to a 6-year-old and make it fun and entertaining. 🙏💖

  4. would you be interested in maybe doing a kind of "baby's first chess" video? like going over movement rules and very basic strategy- i loove these videos for falling asleep but sometimes i find myself too interested in the chess theory to relax, lol! either way, keep it up, love your content!

  5. Very long time follower here, I always knew your channel was going places. Your videos have gotten so much better and you already have 150k subs. Makes me happy man. I have no doubt you’ll hit 1m.

  6. I don't know how I noticed that while falling asleep ,but black played two turns in a row . 15:05

  7. are you Danish? because you sound like one who could be from Denmark.

  8. well done changing title and thumbnail. first one didn’t bother me but it was a bit ‘pedestrian’ compared to the high quality of this vid. plus always better not to give game result away in title cough other channels*

  9. Where did you bought the chess board and pieces? It looks nice ❤

  10. An new **ASMRCHESS** video!! Primo!!!****😀😀😀😀

  11. I’m such a trash chess player but I love these videos! Always a quality production 👌

  12. That’s fun. What time is it by you, and where are you guys?
    Here it’s 23:30

  13. I love watching your videos, they help me improve while also help me to fall asleep. I am so grateful to have found you!!🙏🙏

  14. I will take pleasure in falling asleep to yet another asmr chess video

  15. Ah yes, this is the sequel to the Caro Kann video! I appreciate your tips, always useful and relaxing

  16. Always appreciate your vids, dude. My favourite way of falling asleep

  17. Phenomenal game, and a very good video analyzing it! That Qd2 really was decisive – giving Firouzja the chance to completely asphyxiate Carlsen's position, and win enough tempos to finally execute the capture on f7 that the rook first had the opportunity to threaten.

  18. Love the videos as always! This game in particular is one im sonewhat familiar with i followed the tournament at the time and also analyzed it a bit but definitley not to this extent. Super relaxing, super informative.
    Also 25:19 i think the word youre looking for is a liability?
    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  19. Am I the only one who’s been hearing a high pitched note from these videos lately? Is there something there or do I just have Tinnitus now?

  20. When are we gonna see the ASMRAgeOfEmpires channel?

  21. I'm pretty sure I just saw this game on a Gotham Chess video lol. I remember him talking about the queen move.

  22. I would love a video on the Winawer French!! I quite enjoy the caro-kann but my main opening for black is 1.e6.

    Also, what a great match. 🙂

  23. Simpsons battle bots meme:

    bart:"okay, I've figured out magnus' one weakness"
    camera pans to the other corner where a giant metal grid of spikes is being welded to his back
    bart:"his one weakness just became his strongest point"

  24. At 1:08 The knight on f3 almost looks transparent because of how it lines up with the lines of the square behind it

  25. 43:03 It could only be a Magnus Carlsen game where you see the king and queen kinda swap places like that

  26. Your videos absolutely threatmate all of the other chess and asmr channels! ❤

  27. I watch your videos, and you lay everything out so perfectly, that I think that I can take It to the board. Then I get Crushed. But I love and watch all your videos

  28. That was such a cool video to learn from, thanks heaps asmr chess!!!

  29. That AoE reference got me ! Nice video, always relaxing, thank you for your content

  30. I'm sorry to say that as much as I love this channel the ASMR or, for me, the relaxation quality of these videos has noticeably decreased. I couldn't but notice it in this one, in which I felt somebody really wanted to tell me something, to get to the point and unload as much information in as little time as possible.

  31. From a french man, i follow you since many months now, i think your videos are so incredible, you have a gift for recreating insane historical game and to explain why it happen like this, i think its awesome

  32. I think you forgot that the bishop on d6 can take on g3 theatening mate AND ehen white captures bishop the N un d7 can be saved… so if white would have playera e5 instado of Nxg6 blavk would be also fine👍

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