Anish Giri jokes with Vidit Gujrathi before the start of the game + Vidit interview and analysis

Vidit Gujrathi played GM Andrey Esipenko with the white pieces in the 9th round of the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023. He was pressing a bit but his opponent held on really well. In this interview Vidit explains the ideas that he was thinking about and what Andrey Esipenko was thinking when he didn’t make a move for 45 minutes! We also have the jokes between Anish and Vidit at the start and the analysis between Vidit and Esipenko at the end.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Vidit really knows his chess and I wish he could sustain his excellent form😊

  2. Esipenko nice gentleman..just like Vidit❤❤

  3. I didn’t get the joke in the beginning. What was it about

  4. One member missing in Wolf gang op

  5. Please upload more such videos i pove these kind of videos😘🙂

  6. I find Vidit always better in his post match analysis than his opponents. Even with Hikaru his ideas were insane.

  7. This is how super GM discusses .. and then there is one cosmic fellow Magnus 😅

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