Andrew Tate smokes Piers Morgan || Digital CHESS BOARD added on-screen

Piers Morgan invited Andrew Tate on his show once again, after the normal interview and discussion, Piers Morgan decided that they play a game of chess to end the show and this is how it went.


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  1. Neither of them are good at chess. Piers morgan was definitely paid off.

  2. Wow I’m impressed with piers actually i have never seen someone this bad challenge someone on Live TV LOL

  3. The amount of tate love in this comments section is disturbing.

  4. As a man of chess, Peirce's Aaaaahhhhhs were the most genuine response he'd given in the events leading to this match.

  5. Isn't that nice Morgan lost at chess is that a better comment for your community guide lines

  6. Come on stop cappin literally there are 10 chess players able to make a good living from it, being a chess pro 99% of the times is a wasted life like Andrews dad. Its a great skill but being a freak pro of it causes u to end up like Emory Tate.

  7. All the chess in the world didnt stop him getting outplayed by an autistic girl who doesnt like the weather.

  8. As someone who is basically an amateur at chess him saying
    Chackmate in 2 warning piers and actually do it smoothly like that
    That's Hella impressive

  9. I think his analogy of the queen and why it can move all the way across the board was pretty close, in history many queens have abandoned their kingdoms for a new one through marriage in one quick stroke, where as a king usually takes things by force one square at a time.

  10. You have two limits in life. 1-TIME. 2-YOUR PERCEPTIONS.

  11. Andrew take your white that’s racist cancel pierce Morgan😂

  12. Morphy was never best in the world cause he never played against best in the world and that chess player stereotype never existed maybe in the USA but not in the world

  13. Why would Piers challenge someone at chess if he's clearly a novice? He's like 600-800 elo.

  14. "Toxic Chess Masculinity"

    – Morgan Piers

  15. He’s not successful in every single metric possible. Bet he can’t play guitar and drums

  16. tate is a top g but he cheated prob on acident he roccaded but his was alread bin checkt

  17. That's racist piers cancel piers Morgan had me dead 🤣🤣🤣

  18. School champion? Blundered his queen on move 5 XD

  19. This was good until the gane finished and that weird guy started talking absolute rubbish in a weird, barely audible, monotone voice. This would have been a lot better if that weird guy hadn't chipped in with whatever 'wisdom' he thought he was imparting.

  20. Peirce’s is such a scumbag trynna throw shots in every second he can and passive aggressive like a women

  21. i dont have anyone who will play me
    i luv queen 4 queen too

  22. Andrew is very good at chess, but from this piers is ass😂

  23. Absolutely nobody:
    Andrew Tate: I always accidently take someone's chick 😂😂😂

  24. Tate couldve won with a bishop top left and a knight top right checkmate

  25. People who run their mouth while playing chess are legit annoying.

  26. pierce morgan being an asshole for no reason at all

  27. 2:37 Andrew Tate cheated, he castle king rooked after he had already been in check, one you have been in check once you can no longer do this move, just to put it out there😅

  28. So basically Tate just send a woman to ruin Piers whole life lol

  29. Piers screaming a genuine
    “ Oh God!” as his Queen gets eliminated is 👌

  30. Philly Catholic League Sports Network says:

    The Tate Babyface turn has been hilarious

  31. At least I think I could beat andrew tate at chess

  32. But Piers Morgan never went to prison
    Game of chess / Prison..?

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