Andrew Tate explains how chess will improve your life

Andrew Tate learned chess at a young age from his father, the late Master Emory Tate. In this interview he explains how learning the game helped shaped his view on life for the better.


  1. Changes to your name will be reflected only on yt. says:

    everybody gansta until LIFE gives you En Pasant

  2. I wonder if some “prison king” already made Tate his obeying queen… 😂

  3. Those who are loyal to the paycheck could turn into side queens late game…more good queens = easier game

  4. … Then you get arrested for mistreating multiple Queens

  5. You are not controlling any one in your life they do what they want that’s not a good comparison

  6. Remember, you don't always have to promote your pawn to a queen.

  7. Instead of binding yourself to the pieces you should accept the fact that you have power over nothing but yourself and be at peace with that

  8. Jokes aside I think this guy is on to something

  9. Though a pawn can always ascend to any other piece on the board, including the Queen. So what happens when you lose your Queen in exchange for a pawned Queen, one that formerly loyal to a pay check is now loyal to you? Or someone you underestimated that ascend to one of your boys

  10. didnt this guys also say that reading isnt for him because he doesnt have a slow mind ir something

  11. Tate: "And ultimately you gotta win the game"

    The short: shows a blunder

  12. Chess was created by a Indian. No wonder why Indians are everywhere

  13. fuck the Queen. play your game solid, plan right, and you'll get win.

  14. Does magnus know about that iwith queen sacrifice

  15. Impressive speech, but im not sure if you can commit human trafficking in chess

  16. Im gonna and this mans whole carrier
    So you want to tell me that man do literally nothing but still are important

  17. Thats a famous positiom from Paul Morphy

  18. Knight b5
    Pawn b5
    Bishop d6 knight cant take or else Queen dies now you win a free rook

  19. Says the guy currently sitting in a Romanian prison.😂

  20. Okay, but what about the enemy team

  21. Lmao thought this was gunna be some actual advice for some reason like "if you have the dedication to learn how to play chess you'll develop discipline for other things in your life"

  22. We all know that the woman in Tate's life is a pawn, not a queen

  23. Keep in mind guys that if you lose your Queen, most of time it means you should resign. Keep your queen happy and safe, look after them. Tate says a lot of things to make videos go viral for shock factor. Don’t be silly and remember we’re all humans, born into our bodies and we all deserve equal respect

  24. But sometimes you have to sacrifice them to win

  25. So annoyed with these two jus sayin.

    They sell a fake course to moronic femenized Gen Z children.

    These men got rich off the cuck male by selling them female attention…

    Then make more money off the same weak men selling them a fake course.

    Then you got tate fans defending them its just a hilarious joke.

  26. Remember: A queen is worth 3 pieces so sometimes sacrificing a queen for 2 knights and a bishop is worth it.

  27. Forgot to mention, it is the King that steps in in the End Game

  28. pawns are a pain until they transform into a queen

  29. “The queen has to obey the king.”

    In the context of real life that’s a bit sexist and just straight up false, don’t you think?

  30. Sure most of this is true, but just remember that kings are the second least powerful price by how far they go.

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