Analyzing 2 Chess Games: King’s Indian Defense

This is a part of my lesson with EasyWithAces (@EasyWithAces). We played through 2 King’s Indian games and discussed thought processes and ideas. Hope it helps you all. Discover Timeless Fun: Emulator Games Galore! Experience the magic of retro gaming through diverse range of wwe game play online. Your favorite titles are just a click away.

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  1. This is a great teaching method. I would love to see this type of coaching with a player rated around 2000.

  2. Amazing lesson. I hope you make more videos like this; these are really helpful for amateurs like myself.

  3. More vids like this with competent players!
    These are super helpful

  4. I’m a simple man, I see Fintan, I click

  5. Dudes gotta learn to relaaaaax lol and then he'll be great

  6. Waitaminute levy just swore. I don't know kinda makes him cool now. Hmm. curious.

  7. 11:02 why not bringing the knight to h5? if white pushes the g pawn he will weaken his king, isnt he?

  8. This is a fantastic format. More of these please !

  9. This type of video is the best way to learn

  10. These are awesome learning videos. Best Chess teacher ever.

  11. This format is great. More videos like this please!

  12. Levy reminding me of Alvin and the Chipmunks for some reason

  13. is it even legit to play with someones piece of advice during the game?

  14. “So just practise your checkmate in 1 defences” fucking sassed

  15. Please post more coaching videos, truly enjoyed this

  16. My favourite is the first guy who lost and asked Levy why am I playing a grandmaster

  17. I realy hate it, when my oponents play the exchange variation of the KID. It’s so boring an dry,you haven‘t any ideas(E5 KID). Have somebody an other opinion about that?

  18. These types of videos are of great help for us beginners. We know the King's Indian movies from watching your videos. But here, we have the chance to learn the thought process and different ideas when playing a game of chess.
    Beginners need more videos like this one, maybe you can post some with The London System as well and all different (common) openings for both white and black.
    Big thanks Levi, you're a great inspiring teacher with a talent to deliver info easily yet effectively.
    (coming from a university lecturer)

  19. You could do videos of different openings you already covered with examples of that openings in games of famous chess players

  20. Why does he do that at 8:58? What’s the point of trading bishop for knight?

  21. Great video, very nice lesson, but…Levy, both games are Pirc Defense games, not King's Indian Defense.

  22. Why does Levy encourage Nc6 before e5 contrary to the classical variation? And why does he encourage Bg4 for the knight pin and trading? Isn’t the light square bishop important for sacrificing later to crash kingside? (I’m trying to learn KID as a total noob. Tips appreciated)

  23. I can read the future: this is the last video before gotham moves to his new (now old, yes i can read the future) appartment

  24. 13:06, actually the Knight he'd take with wasn't guarding f5, its the other Knight. So why rook takes is better?

  25. This type of video is super useful, thanks Levy!

  26. was the "other good move" rook c2? 😮 @GothamChess

  27. isnt this a bit cheatty ? helping him in a rated game . or is it okay ??

  28. If Levy taught me like that I will automatically be motivated to play chess for the rest of my life

  29. I don't understand how he got so many points for winning

  30. good way to learn at this level watching real games and talking though it

  31. I think I gained 100 rating just by watching these 15 minutes

  32. At the end I would have probably just bullied the queen with rook to c4. Would that have been stupid? I feel like I would have gained tempo and then could bring out the queen to c5 right afterwards.

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