This is day 7 of a chess tournament I am playing right now in Mallorca, Spain 🙂 I’m so excited to bring you on this chess journey these 9 days – hope you enjoy the video!!!!

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  1. if you play your dad you have to play the cow opening!

  2. It would be so cool if your Mum played as well as you and your Dad.

  3. Congratulations Chess Princess. Sleep well and good luck tomorrow. I only wish there were 20 rounds, I'll miss your reviews.

  4. Me reading the thumbnail- an incest ruined my chess game😂😂

  5. 😂 apologizing for a Insect mishap is complete nonsense

  6. My bad, I read that as 'an insest ruined my chess game'.

  7. That's quite a story, Anna! Funny but at the same time scary for you. Glad you both decided to play on and that you won. Well done!

  8. Maybe you can create another opening, Anna – the Insect! 🤣

  9. lol that is just incredibly bad luck :'D glad you got to continue the game tho. By the way, what is that song at the end? It sounds really good!

  10. Anna's the New Hope for Chess.She can make the world fall in love with the game. Add Mom's and Dad and I'm on board with anything they touch

  11. I was waiting for a wasp to buzz the playing area, then I realised what Anna meant…😛

  12. love you anna.yer so cute and always happy

  13. I. M. LOL If you get sometimes a son, give him the names Stephen George Michael so they think he is a Super Grand Master

  14. Excellent played Anna! You are really taking on at the board! Looking very promising!
    Greetings from Stockholm

  15. Minute of silence for all dyslexic people

  16. Watch this channel surpass Gotham Chess in a year

  17. Hope your dad enjoyed being back in Spain :-)! What a crazy thing to happen! Glad you won but must have been a bit unsettling, you've done so well in this tournament! Really glad to see you feeling so happy and playing confidently! Hope you slept well!

  18. lol, funny bug.. i remember the video where you introduce Pia ( your mom ) to one off he trash talkers. he had to use both hands to play against your mother. that is almost cheating.. two hands against one hand. lol . interresting if you are going to meet you father as an opponent !! he is strong, i will warn you 💪

  19. great content again, I can't wait for your next tournament !

  20. I would love it if you draw your dad and then he plays the cow against you!

  21. You experienced the power of literally not caring, I guess it does work! I also wouldn’t have felt bad losing this game, should that be the case. In fact, I think I would have accepted to resign when talking to the arbiter after the incident, despite it not being my fault. I’d just feel so bad for my opponent. Congratulations on winning!

  22. Holy cow you are kicking butt and having fun 👍🏼🤠🇨🇦

  23. Proof that even instects want to see Anna's games LOL😂😂😂

  24. If my ex had her personality I'd still be married!

  25. Anna, I love your after game reviews although this was an odd one! Also, these tournaments seem to be great fun, you’re either playing chess or eating😎

  26. Great performance so far, Anna – congrats ^_^
    What did your mom say about the weird incident?

  27. That was a GREAT game, with many great moves! But give credit where credit belongs. To the bug😊. Joking of course, but you did play with a different mindset, content with a win or a loss, and that allowed you to play a bit more freely.

  28. Anna's game was amazing, creative and sharp.

  29. Congratulations Anna! Thank you so much for taking us on this journey with you. Best of luck going forward, and I hope to see a game with your father. You got this!

  30. That was a brilliant game Anna.
    Very well played.
    Thanks for posting.

  31. Honestly, I don’t think a five second audio disturbances is a big deal. And you had nothing to do with it. You just happen to be blood related to the person who made the mistake, and it affected both of you.

    Nothing to feel guilty about and hopefully he didn’t make a big thing about it.

  32. Don’t feel bad for your opponent, Anna, despite the incident and not being an IM, he still played like a grant master.

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