Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Amazing Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know


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  1. What if after u attack the rook black takes the b4 pawn

  2. But instead of king f6, you sac the room for pawn, king takes rook, and king takes pawn.. DRAW

  3. Instead of moving the rook to a6 cant the blck king take the two pawns?

  4. Bruh the sound effects are something else like bro it's just chess

  5. why after rook give a check you didn't move RD5?

  6. when rook checks the king and the king moves to protect the pawn thats about to promote the rook can just take the pawn and when king takes back black king takes the other pawn and its a draw but if you dont take the rook and push the pawn the king takes the pawn and black will win white cannot win at all

  7. If he Sacrifices THE ROOK he can take the other pawn and its a draw

  8. Rook takes pawn

    White king takes pawn

    King takes white pawn


  9. Why we cant take on g7 with rook and instead play king f6?

  10. But at the beginning, what if you pushed the pawn on G5?

  11. No you could have protected the pawn with the other pawn ♟️ and promote the other pawn if king moves ?

  12. No one talking about him saying you can’t push left pawn because if you do then black will get 2 moves in a row

  13. But in the second scenario what happens if the room just dropped down to D5 after the check?

  14. I love how the music shifted from sad music to adventure theme but sadly people didn't even notice

  15. Please make a bishop promotion why is it always the knight that gets all of it😢

  16. I love how draws are a legitimate and often well-respected outcome of a chess match. Imagine if the same were true for soccer

  17. O did this trick about promoting to a Knight to draw the game against a Rook

  18. Светослав Петровски says:

    I don’t think that rook vs knigh is a draw.

  19. what if he plays rook takes instead of kf6?

  20. When the king attacked the rook, couldn't they have just taken both pawns?

  21. if they sac the rook for the pawn its a draw anyways though

  22. So Rooks vs 2 connected passed pawns are a draw.

  23. draw ? its loss for white rook vs knight , or i dont understand something

  24. There is a way to draw in this but as if the guy wants black to win he gets the win

  25. Isn't this a draw because black could ignore that their rook is hanging and take the pawns?

  26. The rock could’ve sacrificed for the pawn

  27. Віктор Сергійович Мотузенко says:

    How about Rxg7?!

  28. and thats when you realised… you have auto queen.

  29. I have one an endgame like this you don’t need to draw

  30. Why cant they sac the rook to get the pawn and take the other one with their king

  31. Can anybody help me out with how the ends a draw? The knight can move still, there's still a decent chance for black to win with rook and king since the knight's current position at the end can't threaten either of them. Eventually, the knight will probably get taken and then most know how to checkmate with rook and king. I might just be heavily overlooking something so some guidance would be much appreciated 👍

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