All chess piece names

The game of chess starts with pieces. It’s important to know how to call them before learning any other skill. Here we provide all chess piece names so you can memorize them easily.

All chess piece names

Chess piece basics

There are 16 chessmen on the board for each of the two players. They make moves in turn, one at a time. One side plays for black ones, the opposite player uses those of white color. You will need to remember 6 different kinds of pieces. Some of them are more valuable and dangerous. Let’s break down the details of each playing item.

The list of all chess piece names

  • The pawn. There are eight of them on the board and they are considered the weakest. These pieces start from the second and seventh ranks. Pawns are normally a part of an opening. Also, sometimes they may play a significant role when combined with more powerful pieces.
  • The rook. This one has another name which is also in common usage. It’s a castle. It’s easy to spot the connection between its name and appearance. The upper part forms a construction that looks like a fortress. There are two of them on the board, and you’ll find them in the corners.
  • The knight. This one looks like a horse and there are also two of them on the board.
  • The bishop. When looking for these two pieces, look at the squares next to the royalty. That’s where they start the game.
  • The queen. We’ve come to the strongest piece of the highest value. Always protect it as much as you can.
  • The king. This is the most important one. Your goal is to trap the rival’s king and prevent checkmating yours.


This was a brief description of all chess piece names that exist in the game. You can use this information at the beginning of your practice. Over time, it will naturally become a part of your knowledge.