A Roller Coaster Blitz Tournament: 12 CRAZY Chess Games

Hope you enjoy this totally wild blitz tournament!

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Originally streamed at on April 29, 2024.

0:00 Joining 3+1 SuperBlitz Increment
00:12 Modern Defense – vs jaimeTorres (1855)
10:02 Queen’s Pawn Game: Colle System – vs Camfromvietnam (2036)
16:22 Scandinavian Defense: Mieses-Kotroc Variation – vs supertrebejo (2033)
23:09 Queen’s Pawn Game: Accelerated London System – vs elongermrenter (1998)
30:16 Sicilian Defense: Alapin Variation, Barmen Defense – vs CM StephenWilly (2442)
38:30 Russian Game: Italian Variation – vs MARGONDA_75 (2136)
45:45 Italian Game: Hungarian Defense – vs FIDE6699 (2209)
53:41 French Defense: La Bourdonnais Variation – vs reyartiles (2127)
1:02:18 Catalan Opening: Open Defense – vs Superbri212 (2117)
1:11:13 Queen’s Gambit Declined: Exchange Variation, Positional Variation – vs Obese_reece (2233)
1:19:42 Van’t Kruijs Opening – vs CEPKOB (2131)
1:30:11 STAFFORD GAMBIT – vs ajedrezsinlimites (2535)


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  1. Anyone else finding very fishy games lately. Many of my opponents lately have been weird games. Granted low elo so it could be that or just random. But, many of my games have had players play quickly up to a point. Then if they get in trouble a minute or more goes off the clock and they start magically finding exceedingly solid or better moves. It’s happening so often it is really taking the fun out of playing.

  2. There's some weird editing in this one. The clocks keep changing and it puts me on edge!

  3. 28:02 When you are a breath away from getting checkmated and you have over a minute on the clock in Blitz, why premove ever?

  4. 3:24 Bishop to Be4 forcing black to use knight and rook to block to spare queen. Pawn eats

  5. 33:40 I'm tripping out how the opponents time skips yet the video of Eric doesn't skip 😮

  6. 1:03:00 hey it's my prep and Eric played it correctly except I prefer Nc6 before castles but it transposed into oh no my pawn:)

  7. why didn't you take the knight on d4 in the game against stpehen willy? there are no discoveries, king is on the light square

  8. When Eric says fluid development i inagine fluid that expands 😂

  9. reasonable games with reasonable opponents

  10. inspired I played 3 games: won 2 and one draw. On the Chessnut Evo

  11. 1:05:46 ng4 instead ne5 looks crushing no? Can’t take cause pin, attacks the rook and threatens qxh2 which seems like a forced win

  12. 1:01:08 this end game was amazing congrats! Even if this tournament had only 1s increment and you lost twice.. I still think that your ability to make good moves at such quick pace in these end games is better than at least 70% of all the other online top players

  13. I am so proud. I saw the rok a5 blunder as soon as he played it!! 😊

  14. in 11:15 after Qa5, there is no need for white to move a4 right? if Qxa2, white can easily trap the queen?
    or am i missing something?

  15. 23:49 can white play Bxc4, since black's d pawn is pinned? Maybe he wants to keep the queen and bishop where they are for the attack..

  16. 🎼🎶Take take take. Take your booty. Take your booty.

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