A Chess Lesson On Attacking


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  1. 11:20 Qf4+ is kind of tricky, like only move is kb1 cus if rook blocks its mate after ne2+ after kb1 and ke1 both lead to mate. and if kb1 right away i guess its gg but it feels like gg anyways lol

  2. How to attack the enemy king, use your own pieces haha

  3. Nice video Nelson I rly appreciate all the videos you make your videos rly help me in all chess games can I have 1 on 1 coaching you helped me get from beginner to intermediate I rly appreciate you help my elo grow Ty for making me a better chess player can I get a ❤️ for my late birthday?

  4. Well if you want to race I'm 5th, but how do you know when is attacking a good idea, or when can the opponent just block your pawn storm or consolidate the position?

  5. 10:20 After Nxf8 how would you have handled black playing Qd3 + ?

    It looks like a mate can be forced against white's King? Or have I got that wrong.

    EDIT: Sorry, I meant Qe3+ ?

  6. I have been playing this line.. and it's such confusing for opponents .

  7. 06:05 After Bd3, I wonder whether how to continue after black would defend with Nf8?

  8. 11th!! Lol.
    Btw nice vid as always, Nelson

  9. I chose the Stockfish move and guessed your move correctly early on! Definitely did not see that g3 line (briefly considered the move and didn't see the point), but did choose moving the queen to the 8th rank. Great examples as always, thanks Nelson! ♟

  10. wouldnt you have checkmate at 7:16 with queen to e8, checking blacks king on f8, g8 and h8, then white knight would also cover f7 and h7?

  11. I'd play either Night to g5… U probably played Rxh7…

  12. Nice attacking game! Learned a lot again… (of course I didn't see g3).

  13. 4:50 Why not Rf5? Attacks the Knight, isn't in danger and pins the Knight too?

  14. sir playlist on 1000 to 1200 or something most of the intermediate players stuck there . btw love ur videos

  15. Also to add, when pushing pawns don't let your opponent blockade the pawns

  16. 7:09 that’s the move I thought with the goal of moving that queen out of there lol

  17. 11:35 just move your bishop in between their queen n king

    it’ll be check with your rook then he’ll have to block with either knight or his queen

  18. How can you justify leaving your king so exposed when you went for the attack?

  19. After taking the black's Rook on c3 with your Knight, the game took a long time for you. Because you brought the black's Queen into the game and you were unable to castle queenside quickly to bring your Rook out to help the mating process.

  20. Attack and defense are very important in chess. Good positions were expressed. I enjoyed this video, thank you

  21. He did the Greek gift sacrafice with a rook instead.. whatever will draw the king into the firing line I guess

  22. Nelson , i analysed my game and I took a free knight and computer said that it is a mistake.

  23. Nelson why should our bishop not stuck behind pawn chains

  24. 13:14 cant black take your bishop because if you take the queen, Nxc2 will be a fork to the rook and black is better because 3 pieces better than queen.

  25. Use your pawns to open up a weakness to your opponent's flank, and a flank attack is good if you have center control.
    When attacking, the best thing to do might be to activate a piece away from the action.

  26. 06:40 Well it's certainly not castling [that wouldn't be legal], and it's kinda open season for your king, so my instinct tells me Bh7+

  27. Wow g3 had to be a double exclam, I thought the idea was king walk to c3 or something but im like that looks so dangerous. I thought the move was Qe8, probably Queen or bishop f8, then bishop h7+ kh8 and then queen back to h5, but with the king on g2 you have rook h1and i can't really see further than that but i know black would probable have to give back material because theres bishop discover check and Nf6# incoming . But yeah, sorry, g3 is just crazy.

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