99% Players CAN’T Solve This, Can You? | 2 Amazing Chess Puzzles & Problems |Moves, Tactics & Ideas

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In today’s chess video, we’ll look at 2 of the toughest chess puzzles/problems I’ve ever seen. This involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of strategy, tactics, moves & ideas so, 99% chess players can’t solve this. Try solving these chess problems if you are a Genius and if you do manage to find the solutions, let me know in the comments. In the first problem, white can win the game inspite of being down in material & in the second puzzle, white can draw eventhough black is way ahead. Chess Challenge – We’ll be looking at the solutions as well, but you should try it on your own to test your chess skills & talent. These exercises will help beginners to improve & get better at finding the best moves in different positions on the chessboard. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Puzzle #1: Chess Problems & Solutions
4:10 About BetterHelp
5:18 Puzzle #2: Chess Problems & Solutions
8:49 Chess Puzzle – Can You Solve it?

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  1. I like your voice and teaching estersi 😂😂 sorry my English is weak
    My brother's name is जीतेंद्र

  2. 🤗Thanks so much u are really helpful 🤗

  3. Qc2 checking the king, black Is forced to the block with queen, and white queen captures black queen on d3 to become a beautiful check mate

  4. Rook to E3..then pawn to b5.. doesn't matter what he plays bcz the king not have any squares to escape..

  5. Night(b7) -> (c5) check than queen or rook takes this night and than Pone(b4) -> (c5) discover queen check and mate unstoppable

  6. answer to the puzzle

    rook f3 takes pawn f4
    black king has to take the rook, so king f4
    now rook moves from h5 to f5 and it is game over

  7. Second Puzzle:
    Move Knight from e7 to f5 and then mo e the rock from f3 to e3 then its done.

  8. The solution for bonus puzzle is queen to a8, then black queen moves to D4, then rook to E3 is a mate

  9. The answer to the last puzzle is Qa8, no matter what black plays, then we will deliver checkmate on the next move.

  10. You are one of the best chess teachers. One question, I notice that all of the ending puzzles on this entire channel are for white, can you give us a puzzle for black please? I want to solve a puzzle for black.

  11. Sorry sir but if I was the black I don't have any problem in sacrificing Queen because then with help of king I can turn both my ponds in to Queen by later sacrificing that side pord

  12. Oueen (a4)to(a8)
    Checkmate in two moves

  13. Queen a8 if black randomly moves rook, we mate with the knight on f5 or e6, same with queen
    But if black controls f5 and e6 with queen e4, we mate with the rook on d3 double check and before the king could run to e4 but queen is in e4

  14. Solve to tab karenge jab board dikhega us par to English words use kar rakhe hein yr 😠

  15. Bro my queen runaway with the bishop how i checkmate🤣🤣

  16. The solution is Qa8 and depending on what black plays Nc5 or Nd6 is mate

  17. Knight goes to c5 either rook Or queen takes take it back with pawn on b4

  18. 1. Rook to e3(the pawn can't take because of a double check) ,the king goes d4
    2. We push the b pawn forward and that's a beautiful checkmate#

  19. At 2:20 you can move queen to f2 and black queen has to defend by blocking the check and capture his queen and this is checkmate

  20. 1) Pawn to b5 (discovered check by queen)

    Black moves Either rook or queen to defend the check.

    2) Knight to c5 checkmate.

    Check and confirm if it works.

  21. white rook to e3 double check, black king to d4, then rook to e4

  22. Answer of puzzle is rook to b3 after ब्लैक is forced to play f3 and we take the पावन it is checkmate

  23. In the second puzzle, if white had a knight on f8, it would actually be a mate in 4. Solve it.

  24. Last puzzle (8:53) solution:
    1. Re3+ Kd4 or c6 (doesn't matter, same continuation)
    2. b5#

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