97.9% Attacking Chess | Game #3

THIS IS WHY WE PLAY. I hope you enjoy this cute game of chess. 🙂

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  1. Really love your content zach! You earned a sub!

  2. I once Managed to get 98.2 accuracy

  3. If there are book moves after non book moves it means there was a transposition + when game 4?

  4. I love watching your analysis of the games you play. Keep up the great work Zach, you're doing fucking great.

  5. I have already watched this days ago haven't I?

  6. This is the same video as the last one in the series

  7. Really nice game dude! I love your content and especially your puzzle vids. Keep up the great work bro!! 😀

  8. the bishop on b3 carrying the attack through it's laser.

  9. AC dragon is an ANTI-(dote)_yugoslav attack ..what i mean with that is that if white tries the normal yugoslav setup with f3 and Bc4(very annoying) as in the game, black first 0-0 to protect the g7 bishop avoiding Nf5s because he whats to play Qb6!(with tactics ) instead of d6 which transpose to the main yugo..

  10. That is NOT an easy board to carry around. Wow.

  11. Good game and good knowledge of openings theory; sicilian defense vs kings pawn opening

  12. Really nice game! But how come that h4 in the live game was an inaccuracy and when you reviewed the game it was a good move? 0:55 and 3:25

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