8 Stunning Chess Opening Tricks & Traps | Amazing Moves, Tactics & Ideas

Here are some amazing chess opening tricks & traps taken from the opening tricks spire of the Chess Universe App. I have selected some of the best traps & gambits from which I will show you some brilliant chess opening tactics & ideas for both the white & black pieces. These opening tricks & traps will help you improve your tactical vision & eventually, help you win more games against your friends. I also have a chess puzzle at the end (taken from the checkmate tower), let’s see if you can solve that.

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Video Timestamps:
0:00 Chess Universe – Opening Tricks Spire: Introduction
0:24 A Famous Trap in the Queen’s Gambit Declined
1:16 Another good trick in the QGD
1:50 A Brilliant Trap in the Chigorin Defense
3:01 A Clever Trap in the Slav Defense
4:05 An opening Trick in the Caro-Kann
5:05 Another brilliant tactic in the Caro-Kann Panov attack
6:10 A trick in the Tarrasch
7:07 A mindblowing queen trap in the Catalan opening
9:13 Checkmate in 2 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. "can you find it?"
    Feeling like *Dora da eksplorar

  2. Actually 3:54 wasn't a checkmate he could have a chance to block the check with knight

  3. For the white to win
    First move should be Kf6
    The black has only three options that is:-
    1. Rxf6 (Majority of black would move this move). Then the white can move Nxg6#
    2. Rh7 (No body would move that). Then white can move Qg8#
    3. Rg8 (No person would ever dream about this move). Then white can move fxg8 to Q or R #
    4. The black can resign (for the weaklings). 😛

  4. @3:47 why couldn't black move his king to d7? hence escaping the trap

  5. Well i think i got the answer but i can check mate him in one move the pawn will promt to queen at e8 and king can't take it because of queen g6 and that's the beautiful check mate pls sir pin my comment😀

  6. I beat the smart player in my academy

  7. 3:53 knight defends the king how it's gone
    I am unable to understand 😭😭

  8. White: King to f6
    Black: Rook to g6
    White: Kinght to g6

  9. First Kf6 if rook the your sweetie then there is a beautiful checkmate a Ng6

  10. Kf6 rook takes Knight takes checkmate

  11. Fun fact:you will never be able to use these tricks

  12. 9:20
    Solution is
    King to f6 Rook takes g6 check knight takes g6# checkmate.

  13. First Qf6 then Ng6
    rook takes the knight and Qe7 check mate

  14. Kf6 rxg6 nxg6#
    Rook move any where then qh8#

  15. Kingf7 then rook will take Queen then knight g6 mate

  16. In the trap where the white pawn becomes a Queen by advancing to C8 after the rook sacrifice it's declared as a checkmate. I'm just wondering why the black knight that was moved to C6 can't block the new Queen's check by moving to D8? The King can take the Queen if she takes the blocking knight? It's around 3.52 minutes in.

  17. Kf6 r takes on g6 check n takes on g6 #

  18. Puzzle
    Kf6 if Rxg6+ then Nxg6#
    If rook doesn't capture there is only one legal move for black Rh7 then Qg8#

  19. Qf6 what ever black plays its a mate in 1

  20. Plz jeetendra bhaiya make some videos

  21. Kf6. If Rg8 or Rh7, then Qg8#. If Rxf7+ then Qxf7#. If Rxg6+ then Nxg6#.

  22. But JEETENDRA ADVANI how to start with chess universe?

  23. Sir g 3.53 second pr hours vaps kind k side m ja sakta h check mate kese hoga???

  24. Kf6,Rxg6+,Nxg6#🎉🎉😊😊😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉😅😊

  25. Qg7 then kg7 then kf7 then kh8 pf8 and queen

  26. What if black sacrifices his bishop and plays Nxc6

  27. 3.21 . What if black sacrifices his bishop and plays Nxc6 capturing the pawn

  28. Such an easy chess puzzle kf6 black is in zungzwang so it has to capture the queen and after knight takes rook it's a checkmate

  29. He should rename his channel as " CHESS TRAPS"

  30. Mr. Jeetendra, in the Chigorin Defense, what if my opponent blocks with the knight instead of the pawn?!

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