8 Chess Concepts Every Chess Player Should Know – Chess Principles, Ideas, Strategies and Tips

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  1. I played this French poison pawn against stockfish and the stockfish always takes my 2 pawns for free and every time I play this move stockfish always beats me so badly

  2. Instructive videos. Amazing content all of your channel. Thanks.

  3. Lol "concept number 5 is that you'll win more games if you subscribe & watch these videos" Like it ! made me lol ! Great video anyway !

  4. Thank you for these videos. I think you're the best channel for beginner chess guides.

  5. should we tell him it's 1.8 mill view now? and not so small anymore

  6. The crooked path is a great one. Psychologically, it seems like a longer route diagonally because the hypotenuse is physically longer than the sides, but it's the same number of moves. Nice.

  7. Brilliant brilliant brilliant channel bro love it from novice to amateurs and above you cover some awesome tactics thank you.

  8. Your channel has amazing content- Straight forward and simple – No long winded explanations. Thank you and keep it up it.

  9. Wow, these videos are fantastic. Played many years ago (badly) and your videos are making it very enjoyable to get back into.

  10. Thanks like always excellent πŸ‘Œ

  11. I think this video got a fair bit more than 32 000 views. :p good stuff.

  12. Seems very knowledgeable, but tooo fast for me.

  13. The cover pic of this video is amusing. How did you do that ?

  14. idk what software do you use, but the animations are so clean, man.

  15. Wow, thank you for sharing your chess knowledge and for that easy to understand delivery

  16. I'm sorry, but some of these seem really stupid. Like don't do this because blank could happen in this very specific scenario or set up. Some of these are weird never or always rules for sometimes situations.

  17. Thank you so much for explaining in ways begginers can understand. Knight on F8. I love it. πŸ™‚

  18. Officer pulls me over because he suspect DUI

    OFFICER: Get out of the car and walk on the white line, mister!

    I take the crooked path, but make it to the end

    OFFICER: Dammit! I can't believe I didn't see those moves. Here's your license and drive safely, sir!

  19. The crooked path thing is actually something I havent given much thought, thanks!

  20. 12:35 I figured out that the opponent may move the King forward to e7 here, in order to avoid the pawn move to g6, which opens the diagonal for attacking the Rook later. And, I figured out how to initiate a checkmate if the opponent ruins my plan of defeating the h8-Rook this way. Here it comes:

    Check how the board looks like in the time stamp of 12:35. You are playing White. Knight takes pawn on e5 as explained, pawn on f6 takes Knight on e5. My Queen comes out on h5, and the opponent moves the King forward on e7. Queen takes pawn on e5, another Check. King can only move to the right on f7. My white-square Bishop comes out on c4, attacking the King on f7. Now the King can only escape on g6. My Knight on f3 now moves to h4, attacking the King on g6, which can only escape to h6 now, his last safe square to move to. Finally, I move out the pawn that enables my black-square Bishop to have a free diagonal to the h6 square, where the opponent's King rests. My two Bishops, my Knight and the Queen, locked the King completely, and he is checkmated.

    I hope that I did not overlook anything. I will ponder this on a virtual chess board, and if I made no mistakes, and it actually works this way, I will create a flash-card for Anki, and store this combo in my learning app. And yes, the opponent still can attack my Knight on h4 with his Queen, to ruin my plan, but maybe I can develop this further. Maybe pawn on g3 first, before moving the Knight on h4, so the opponent can neutralize the Check by taking my knight with the Queen, but losing his Queen right after this. πŸ˜€ No checkmate, but a Queen is better than killing a Rook.

    I forgot that the Knight on my right side of the board was already sacrificed, and thus cannot check the King anymore. But I am working on this problem, to see how I can harm my opponent the most in this scenario. You all can help me. At least, either ruining the castling of thr opponent's king, or destroying one of his Rooks, is already a huge benefit for White here.

    I eventually found a way how to checkmate my opponent in that scenario. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ But I will not share it here. It is too powerful.

  21. Concept #7 I got the point, but 3 Bc4 should be also strong enough to punish 2 f6

  22. I'm from the future. That video has 2.1 MILLION views. This video has 662 THOUSAND view. Congrats!

  23. Thank you!!! so many creators trying to over complicate chess… I understand there a lot to be aware of but there's no need.

  24. You said "liking" would help my game… I think you may be right !

  25. Concept no 5 to guarantee win more chess game is to thumps up button on this video

  26. The demonstrational moves are much too quick to analyze and comprehend… do them much slower

  27. 9:36, what do you mean there is nothing to stop the knight. You move your king to d1 or d2.

  28. I'm a 265. I've been playing like a month but I'm really getting into. You content is easy to understand. I never have a clue what other videos are talking about they talk so fast and switch up names and concepts

  29. Some moves aren’t good because he says if they play it but they don’t have to

  30. Couldn't have been more clearly explained! Great stuff, and now that I've hit the like button, my game is now sure to improve, like you said, lol!

  31. I am still watching and HOLY MOOOWLY(clearly not spelled right) but you get it…..the break down to the concept of gambit is so clear, I am now learning about Gambits and stuff but I did not know why or what to do….thk you for explaining…..please simplify more, this is a definite sub and like……

  32. These tips are gold for people like me. Thanks!

  33. At 0:43 you can move your bishop in c1 to g4 if you want a queen trade but idk if it's bad or not I just started, hehe.

  34. Ur channel pretty big don't downplay ur accomplishments

  35. Black should have attacked the white pawn instead

  36. I was always wondering why Nelson has made a mistake in his initials.
    He wrote NM Nelson Lopez when he should have written NL Nelson Lopez.

  37. Lost 6 games because of first advice is not explained fully

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