7 MOST COMMON Chess Mistakes

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You are making these 7 mistakes if you are a beginner or intermediate player. Fix it now!
0:00 Intro
0:42 Mistake 1: Trading
6:42 Mistake 2: Fake Training
10:21 Mistake 3: One-Movers
17:41 Mistake 4: Same Errors
22:19 Mistake 5: Time Management
29:27 Mistake 6: Selfish Brain

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  1. This is dumb I use these strats with a few games and got mated multiple times. I never won a single game this is a horrid strategy. People say practice more because this is just 3-4 games. I also tried your other strats 3-4 times
    .This doesn’t work

  2. I like the imagining lines advise the most

  3. Thank You So Much Bro, Now Im Going For Magnus Carlsen.

  4. Okay, I really think that Chess is a scam that someone made super complex for the purpose of selling how to not lose miserably.

  5. 'this game is suck i gonna delete it!!'
    meanwhile 5 minuets later i think know what mistake i made before lets instal it again!!!!

  6. So there's no hidden bishop on the Z file… It's just me not looking?? 😮😮

  7. 6:14 "All you gotta do is just not get mated." Ahhhhh, now I understand chess! I was playing all wrong. LOL

  8. newbies try trading everything attempting to turn a chess game into a … tic-tac-toe 🙂

  9. Interesting points, but I feel your focus on what/how to do better is a bit lacking (I guess because it's much simpler for you).
    I mean that saying don't do this and that is fine as identifying some type of errors, but to make it a better lesson give us a tool how to stop doing these mistakes (for example the thing you said about the mental arrows from opponent's pieces to where they hit was good).
    Otherwise advices like "don't do…" will only increase anxiety without focusing on anything useful.

  10. I think "one-movers" is the one I'm most guilty of…

  11. Do not see what happens when you make a move, think what will happen.

  12. I like your videos you make a blunder 🚨 at minutes 30.51
    Then you see it your reactions is funny 😅

  13. wow! that is so true and sharp! I would say that this video is much more about profound understanding of players' psychology rather than game itself! Now will search the channel for some tips and mind tricks to work on those mistakes 🙂

  14. I heard "THE ROOOOK" phrase more than any other phrase before I started chess

  15. Watched the continuity bit, started a game super motivated and hung my queen in at +36!

    (Won on time though)

  16. I never trade my pieces because I will always lose then

  17. I noticed once more how relevant chess is with real life owing to the video. Nice piece of work, appreciated!

  18. Great advice and well explained with the board and pieces. Thanks!!!

  19. I think the most common mistake is to play while you are sick or tired

  20. 1. Don’t trade material unless you gain position

  21. Should you be focused 50% on their likely strategy? More? Less?

  22. Position is more important than material!

  23. "hanging the queen" my opponent resigning after hanging a queen and mate in one

  24. Hey i am new to chess can you tell me what does cheater means in chess like how ?

  25. reading my 400 elo for filth (i only started playing a few weeks ago). but i can be proud of independently realising these are my weaknesses & working on them before seeing this video.

  26. Thanks a lot. To the last point, I feel that I get better, because I started to Play more consciously then before. And now I understand more, why a Move is better then another, also I get a feel about, if I had a winning Position or not. Last time I was loosing a Game, but I knew, I had a clear winning position and my Opponent was playing really weird stuff. But one blunder was changing it directly and in the analysis I was seeing that how I saw the Game was right. And for this indizes I am looking for, to See my Progress and not the numbers.

  27. Viena gambit doesn't consistently work on my level as a trap, they almost never take the pawn, but Russo
    Gambit (Viena as black)works like a charm

  28. And then there's people like me who don't play and just enjoy chess content..

  29. After watching this video, it's safe to say that I'm four moves away from blundering the Queen.

  30. GothamChess, a luminary within the realm of chess, possesses an innate ability to imbue passion and lucidity into this intricate game. Through eloquent articulation and profound strategic insights, he renders the complexities of chess accessible, fostering an inclusive community wherein both novices and aficionados thrive. His magnetic presence on video platforms illuminates the chess landscape, unveiling profound tactics with an engaging, personable approach that transcends mere instruction.

    The impact of GothamChess's videos extends far beyond the mere elucidation of chess concepts; they serve as a catalyst for personal growth and the refinement of skills. His guidance adeptly navigates through the labyrinth of possibilities, cultivating a deeper understanding and fostering an enhanced appreciation for the nuanced intricacies of the game. With each video, a newfound sense of confidence emerges, transforming seemingly perplexing scenarios into fertile ground for personal growth. GothamChess not only imparts chess knowledge but also instills the resilience and determination requisite for success, making the journey through the 64 squares an enriching and transformative experience.

  31. @20:11 wait you're allowed to do that and swap the pawns around?

  32. One of the best teachers in chess. 👍

  33. Why do i feel like he is just talking to me 😅😅

  34. That first part really reaches to me… I'm that guy you played that tried to trade EVERY SINGLE PIECE. Now I feel a lot better

  35. Consistently is the best discipline I would say

  36. Total beginner here. These are awesome points. Thanks so much. subbed.

  37. As a 400 elo. I feel like hes mad at me. lmao
    Like im being disciplined by my uncle

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