6 Things You Can Do To Break 1200 – Chess Tips, Strategy, Ideas – How To Get Better At Chess!

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In this video I share 6 reasons chess players get stuck at the 1200 chess rating and below. I will share tips and tricks on how to get better at chess and improve your chess rating quickly and push past 1200 to reach 1300,1400, and beyond. I will talk about how to avoid making blunders as often, how to properly defend a pawn storm attack on your king, how to avoid the back rank checkmate, how to better handle chess endgames, and the importance of the 2nd and 7th ranks in chess. Please comment below and let me know if you’ve passed 1200 for the first time!


  1. It's kind of hard for pushing rank on chess. Com because when I push to 1000 then experienced player who played at least 200 push me below to 950
    This things just keep on going any tips to what to do
    And I frequently getting black pawn in matching 4/6 times
    Any best defence for black rather than Sicilian defence

  2. How long do I have to wait for how to break 2700?

  3. This is very helpful! It's cool that you did it based on some data, can't wait to use this daily

  4. Great idea for a series, really looking forward to 1400.

  5. Nice video, this is about where I am stuck rating-wise. If I really pay attention, I notice everything you mention. For me, it's the lack of patience causing a blunder that gets me most of the time. I'm just getting better at seeing the knight fork coming in now. That one used to kill me every time!

  6. Extremely helpful. I'm shooting for 1400 now from 1200.

  7. Hi thank you sir! Just started playing on January 17th of this year actually. I'm on my way to 1500 now!

  8. I'm 1190 I've almost hit my goal of 1200

  9. This is good stuff! Great channel, brother!

  10. i hope these work, currently at 1030 rating and trying to hit 1100 some time soon.

  11. No clue why you only got 1K subscribers… Thanks for all the great content!

  12. This is crazy because if I'm 1300 after making my own long lists of exploiting 1200s and improving to consistently beat them but I'm still making a lot of these mistakes and would've played the losing moves in bv the positions shown if I didn't have enough time to calculate the position all the way through

  13. Thanks for providing this great content. I was doing almost all the mistakes which you pointed out. I will try to work on these mistakes from now on.

  14. Would love to see your viewers increase ! You deserve to be seen and Heard! Ty for the content!

  15. Great content! Just subscribed. This is so useful as I am newly 1148, about to challenge myself to go pass 1200. Let's see.

    Also I have a question. I wonder what it means if I win way more with black. My win rate is 58.5% with black, 50.9% with White. This doesn't make too much sense right?

  16. Great video, bro. The tips about the pawn pushes on the early castled king are suuuper helpful. I always get mated because I panic and open the H file. Thanks 😊

  17. I came across this channel about a week ago and it has become my favorite chess channel since. Great job!

  18. Am at 1050, best was 1150 – I will let you know. Thx dude

  19. The blunder check I’ve been looking for this one, borderline should have blunder check as it’s own video

  20. "Could have *seen*"…not saw! You hurt my ears repeatedly!

  21. ശമീം മന്നമ്പത് | shameem mannambath says:

    sir, you are my favorite of all.
    i kindly need a more clarification on endgame with pawn and rook remain.
    Yu said it's not a good idea to have two steps for a rook to aim opponent pawn something..
    Can you tell me what's the best way to deal opponent pawn in endgames..
    please.. Thank you .. thug

  22. Subscribed, really valuable insights, thank you

  23. Thanks man! This tips are very helpful. I found your channel today and I really liked your stuff. New sub!

  24. This is an absolutely brilliant series. Thanks mate 👍

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