6 Things You Can Do To Break 1200 – Chess Tips, Strategy, Ideas – How To Get Better At Chess!

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In this video I share 6 reasons chess players get stuck at the 1200 chess rating and below. I will share tips and tricks on how to get better at chess and improve your chess rating quickly and push past 1200 to reach 1300,1400, and beyond. I will talk about how to avoid making blunders as often, how to properly defend a pawn storm attack on your king, how to avoid the back rank checkmate, how to better handle chess endgames, and the importance of the 2nd and 7th ranks in chess. Please comment below and let me know if you’ve passed 1200 for the first time!


  1. i was 1200 once, but then i fell back all the way to 1110 and hav been struggling to claw back… this video was really helpful, gotta start working on the blunder check.

    keep up the great content!

  2. This is the best channel for learning chess that I’ve seen.

    Can I hire you as a coach? Let me know. Happy to message privately. Thank you

  3. Your name sounds like an opening move. "ahh the Nelson Lopez opening"

  4. This guy is the best chess secret on You Tube. Gothem is great and entertaining too, this guy is just so clear.

  5. 12:37 why h2 to prevent backrank checkmate and not g2? Since there's still the dark square bishop

  6. Great videos, great tips, and that was interesting that you did stats on 100 games 😎

  7. I just broke 1200 and I had to tell someone lol. Thank you for all of the quality content ❤️

  8. I fell from 1328 to below 1200 and stuck there. 1500 or bust! Thanks

  9. Good informations, wish u the best ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  10. Me : is 500
    Also me : doesnt do mistakes 1000 rated people do

  11. Chess Vibes clear concise insightful and extremely helpful information.Thanks much appreciated

  12. Chess vibes thanks for the clear concise insightful and extremely helpful information .

  13. i passed 1200 a couple times but fell back to 1150, and I am really looking forward to using these tips to go up the rating ladder, maybe even to 1300.

  14. Cant believe how accurate this was for me

  15. Stuck around 1150 and my problems are mostly blunders and complex endgames

  16. I watched your 800 and 1000 rating video, literally went up 400 elo in a week
    Ty man

  17. Awesome video! Thank you; lots of great ideas. I like how you explain these situations so clearly. Looking forward to using these ideas in my own games.

  18. Awesome videos, thanks for all the great content!!

  19. I find this way more useful as an 800 elo than the 800 elo guide

  20. This is the best place to learn chess. So much research is into it. This guy has given so much time and i am sure i am getting past the 1200 mark very soon

  21. Thanks a lot for your great scientifically research and deliver it with a such nice explanation!!👏👌☘️

  22. I am stuck at 1250 – 1290 because of my endgame mistakes. 😥

  23. шахматные уроки давид грин says:

    I passed 1200. But I am having problems with passing 1250

  24. This was very helpful, thanks for helping my get past 1200

  25. For like the last 4 months I haven't been able to get to 1300

  26. I´m stuck at 1100 and I just watched the video, I´ll be upgrading my performance, hope this works, thank you for the tips

  27. Thank you, I went from 1150 to 1300 by using these tips!

  28. What is your lowest elo?

    Have you (chess master) passed 1100, or just skip to 1500 inna blink eye?

  29. Literally on the first example, he asks "whats wrong with this?"

    I spent 30 sec looking.. "Oh the bishop can just take the knight on f3 and mess up my pawn structure."

    2 seconds later "CHECKMATE STOOPID."


  30. Happy to see you as i typed 'chess 1200 score' i got to 1250 2 weeks ago. But i cant break through. I am good in endgames and average in openings, but my main mistake is the middle games. My mistakes are : 1) no longterm thinking, 2) get always overwhelmed by the attacks eventually (despite the fact i am very defensive 3) i dont know how to attack(i mainly win by surviving at the end)

    Your video taught me : 1) delay early castling 2) dont panik when incoming pawnwave and counterattack 3)importance of the 2nd and 7th row

    Thanks bro

  31. I’ve surpassed 1200! Now only to stay there 😊

  32. Good idea blockade… I always just take with my castles pawns and f up my structure and defense

  33. Just hit my peak at 1201. Have been training harder since this event. thanks for the video.

  34. Thank you! Love your clips, very helpful and easy to understand!

  35. I am 1109 today and will update here when I hit 1200

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