50 Elo Chess

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  1. wow. this made my day considerably worse after seeing ALL OF THOSE MATES that ended up just simply being checks

  2. Bro just kept on saying 200 200 😅😅😅 it just hurts 😢

  3. I know theres plenty of issues withthe play, vbut this is why I hate playing any format that doesn't add time after you move. its an annoying fallback plan to just waste your opponent down to 0:00. totally valid as a tactic, of course, the rules of the game are the rules of the game, vut I personally avoid any format that doesn't add time per move.

  4. I bet black was waiting on white to resign, trying to show white "look how many queens I got, you cannot win". They were too lazy trying to find the checkmate and maybe too scared of creating a stalemate

  5. bros literally drinking out of a flower vase 💀

  6. Mohammad beats magnus Carlson 99/100 times. Only because Magnus rage quits the 100th time.

  7. i feel like my elo went down just for watching this

  8. As a 200 when black had 3 queens i found mate in one myself wirhin 2 secs

  9. 9:32 "now the 200s reveal themselves"
    Me "oh no, not what happened in the mid-game… what did they do to you Levi? What did they put you through?"


  11. I didnt understand why he had to hide their identity, but now i do……

  12. I’m at 200 ish and I’m way better Than them both combined.

  13. 10:08 After Qxh8 if black blocks with the rook then Qxe8 is checkmate

  14. The "drink holder thing" is called a carafe.

  15. definitely a flower vase
    Edit: it was excruciating to watch ngl

  16. Boi do I need the PGN file to this one

  17. it is like those games where Hikaru is making 7 knights just to troll his opponent but if Hikaru actually tried to sneak into guess the elo

  18. Both are titled as GM, I just can't stop laughing :DD

  19. I am probably about this bad at chess

  20. what the fuck was that what did i just watch man

  21. Possibly relevant: the biggest tryhard troll in the Elite Dangerous community uses the pseudonym Harry Potter. I'm 99% sure this is just him branching out.

  22. Lol this totally reminds me of that one Nat Geo video where a rat survived being hunted by a dozen other snakes

  23. This hurt to watch even though I knew they'd blunder 1 million times

  24. 5:55 I just discovered something if black moves knight from f6 to g4 then white might move a pawn the black can play queen from d6 to h2 and I think that’s mate

  25. White specked all his xp points into the luck skill tree


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