5 Queen’s Gambit Traps Every Chess Player Should Know

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In this video, I share some of the most common and dangerous traps for white and black in the Queen’s Gambit Opening.

0:00 Most Famous Trap — Queen’s Gambit Accepted
2:30 The Elephant Trap (oh no my queen!)
4:11 Albin Counter Gambit Trap — Promote to a knight!
8:25 “Reverse London” Goes Terribly Wrong
15:29 Cambridge Springs Trap

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  1. screw the tube buddy ad……jesus…..i hate anything that has no skip ad option….

  2. your voice makes me sleepy instead of learning, but I'll learn though

  3. I brought out my extra knight in a lasker trap game just cuz I wanted to play with three knights

  4. The knight really don't defend each other 😂

  5. Sorry Eric, you're a fine chess player i'm sure but spending so much time on founding traps instead of playing "real" chess, I don't know, I'm far for being an IM or GM but I prefer playing the game. Seems like you never evolved from wayward queen attack, fried liver and so on

  6. How can i play chess with my friend online on an app or a site

  7. Try’s to learn queens gambit instead learns how to stop it 😬

  8. I play a similar trap as white against the French when I play the Tarasch variation

  9. 1:24 it doesn't matter if someone is 2600, 2700 rated and fall for this. they'll only fall for it once. yet their rating still remains high given their numerous other strengths.

  10. after hours on videos on chess, i still dont know what a gambit is.

  11. Who the hell downvotes such a video? Somebody with a big ego and lack of chess skills?

  12. Very happy I ran into your channel! Excellent commentary and great videos. Thank you!

  13. why do you have to take the knight with check after queen trade in the reverse london line, can you not fork king and rook?

  14. I don't see why Qa4 is not considered in the last position. It's not ideal, but I don't think you are losing materiel beside a bishop for a knight.

  15. I can never make it through more than about 30 seconds of your video, its like your mentally slow in everything but chess, dude, get to the point

  16. What is that database? Is it based on amateur games?

  17. The Albin Countergambit trap is well known as Lasker trap, as lichess says @5:52 ! Could have been mentioned…

  18. intermediate player may not calculated this trap coming but they know enough to not help open up blacks rook file

  19. I learned the Albin counter as the Alekhine tramp

  20. This is the type of content I enjoy the most! Thank You 🙂 Huge THumbs UP

  21. Scalene !!! Like if you watched the video that far! 🙂

  22. 2:00: How about Qc7 for Black instead of Qb6? Oh no, never mind. After Qxa8, Bb7, Qxa7.

  23. Dying @ the person saying queen takes e1 lmao

  24. When you started showing the reverse London trap, I was 100% sure you were about to show the bogoljubov trap. It's missing from this video 🙂

  25. this is really valuable, and he is just giving it to us 😉

  26. Nc6 can save your rook!
    Through this you can only sacrifice your knight not a rook!

  27. Eric: 'There's another trap where you are black'

  28. Damn I love your videos. Went on and tried the first trap in my first game, and the opponent easily bit the trap. Beautiful

  29. At 18:00 when he made that triangle I paused the video and looked up what a different sided triangle is called because I couldn't remember and thought to myself that I hadn't heard scalene in a long time (and I have a math degree). I unpause the video to him asking what it's called and saying the same thing hehe.

  30. One dubious trap in the Bd7 line after axb5 Bxb5, you can play Bxc4!? When the bishop recaptures you have Qa4+ I had an opponent play Nc6 once 😂, what a windmill.

    Best play it’s “I have the whole center and you have no pieces developed.” Though.

  31. I played a game and they played the "reverse london" exactly like you said, wow.

  32. I an a 74 yr old novice.I learned a little bit about chess as a child like how the pieces moved and what the objective was. played a few games with family but no one knew any strategy so i am sure we would have lost against anyone who would have studied chess. kind of let the game go for a while but ten i got a friend who enjoyed the game. i know he has no rating but he and his family and friends played a lot of chess over the last 50 years so when we lived close we would play some and his experience proved out as he won most of the time. but as we played i got better and got it up to about a fifty fifty game. he says the way i play confused him as i was always agressive and he was on defense most of the time lol. truth is i dont know defense so i have to attack to have a chance. its a lot of fun and next time i see him i am going to try some of these gambits and see if he catches on lol. main thing for me is having FUN

  33. Hi, what software are you using to show these traps?

  34. Eric has such a soft voice and a monotone speak you'd think it'd be hella boring to watch, but this is probably one of the most focused I've been watching a video on YouTube. And it's about chess of all things too

  35. Hi Eric! I just saw this video yesterday and played the Albin counter gambit trap today as black! Made me super happy 🙂

  36. Wow!
    My Elo is 1800 and I play Queen’s Gambit and I hadn’t seen the Qf3 line winning the rook.

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