5 Positional Chess Concepts You Must Know

In this video we look at my top 5 positional chess concepts which every chess player must know! To play better positional chess fast you need to understand important positional chess concepts and this video covers 5 of the most key. Playing positional chess, using good chess strategy and playing by important chess principles, doesn’t have to be so difficult, and it isn’t when you put into practice these great concepts.

0:00 Intro
01:06 1. Improve your worst piece!
04:04 2. Put your knights on outposts!
5:50 3. Don’t block your bishops!
09:58 4. Activate your Rooks!
13:13 5. Activate your Queen!
18:18 Outro

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My name’s James Gardner and I’ve been playing and coaching chess in the UK for over 25 years. Through this channel I hope to reach many more people in order to help you improve your chess fast, so that you can win more games, improve your rating, and start having more fun at the board!

Thanks for watching and hope to see you on a future video!

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  1. When you covered "Activate Your Queen", was queen really the worst piece? In other words: does this rule have exceptions where it would be more beneficial to activate a piece that isn't actually the worst piece? I'm quite fresh in chess and I want to understand how to play when no tactics are available, because tactics are nonexistent if my position is not active.

  2. One of the best positional concepts compilation available in youtube. All based on maximizing the piece activity. Greatings from Catalonia.

  3. Magnus' 5 moves with the Queen…spectacular.

  4. I think I missed this somehow. Yeah do more bids like this James. You are a great teacher explaining everything in a clear concise easy manner enabling one to understand – grasp what is explained without any doubts. Maybe point out some really advanced concepts in the games and explain them in the effective user friendly way you can so us mere chess mortals can understand.

  5. Postional concepts in chess:
    1. improve your worst piece
    2. knights belong to the outposts sqaure
    3. dont block your bishops

  6. 5 Positional Chess Concepts:
    1. Do not block your bishops
    2. Activate your rooks
    3. Knights belong to outposts
    4. Activate your queen
    5. Improve your worst piece

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