5 Opening TRAPS in the Sicilian Defense | Chess Tricks to WIN FAST – Moves, Tactics, Ideas, Gambits

Here are 5 Quick checkmate/queen traps in the Sicilian Defense. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. In this chess video, I will show you 5 amazing chess games of the Sicilian Defense, where some really strong players lost in the opening. The objective is that you don’t fall for these opening traps & use these tactics as white to counter the Sicilian opening. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. These short games will also help you in improving your tactics & give you some new ideas to win more games. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


Traps Covered:
0:00 Sicilian Defense Traps for White
0:11 Game #1: Sveshnikov Trap
1:37 Game #2: Levenfish Traps
5:20 Game #3: Alapin – Poison Pawn Trap
6:12 Game #4: Smith Morra Gambit Trap
7:32 Game #5: Mengarini Traps
10:29 Chess Puzzle

Game Links:
#1: Open Sicilian – Sveshnikov Trap:
#2: Dragon – Levenfish Trap:
#3: Alapin – Poison Pawn Trap:
#4: Smith Morra Gambit – Queen Trap:
#5: Mengarini – Queen Trap:

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  1. first queen h6 he has only to block with our rook. then queen d6 check king to g8 is forced then queen d8 is a checkmate..

  2. At 9:25, isn't white losing his queen trying to take the bishop.

  3. 10:6 at this moment why wouldn't he took the pwan by knight

  4. "then the Sweetie is gone" outstanding

  5. Qh6 + then only move for black is rouk G7 then Q d6 king G8 Qd8 is check mate

  6. My answer for the puzzle. It's Qh6+, Rg7, Qd6+, Kg8, Qd8#.

  7. Qh6 black blocks with the rook(forced)then comes Qd6 check king to g8(forced) finally Qd8 is checkmate

  8. Bro at the last the opponent can move f6 to add a defender to his knight

  9. 'this sweetie is gone' that's my favourite line

  10. ans: In this position Black should pack his bags and go home because 1.Qh6+ Rg7 2.Qd6+ Kg8 3.Qd8# and black is gone.

  11. puzzle is:
    1st move whites queen to H6, Black must responds with Rook to G7
    2nd move Whites Queen to D6 For check, Black has no choice but to put the king to G8
    £rd move: whites Queen to D8, Checkmate

  12. I cannot find a mate in three moves immediately that's why I'm going to general comments. Thank you.

  13. In the Fourth game (Smith-mora gambit traps) after e5,dxe5 Then Bishop F7+, King has to capture
    Bishop on F7 After king captures We can capture Blacks Queen And White will be a queen up

  14. Here in this puzzle white will play Qh6+ after which black is forced to push his g Rook forward to g7 then white playes Qd6+ and then black is again forced to move his king to g8 square and now Qd8 is a checkmate.

  15. Qh6 check Rg7 the only move.Qd6 check Kg8 the only move. Then, Qd8 checkmate

  16. In #4, wouldn't bishop to b5 have been an immediate checkmate?

  17. I'm not cheesy 🧀 I'm Chessy ♟️

    – written in jeetendar's shirt

  18. Qh6+ then Rg7 is forced then Qd6+ then Kg8 is forced and then Qd8+#

  19. Queen to h6 check & Rook g7 to block the check . . Queen to d6+ & King to g8 prevent the check. 3 .Queen to d8 check mate.

  20. Queen to h6 check & Rook g7 to block the check . . Queen to d6+ & King to g8 prevent the check. 3 .Queen to d8 check mate.

  21. 1. Queen to H8 rook moves to block on G7
    2. Queen to D6 check king moves away to G8
    3. Queen to D8 CHECKMATE

  22. Me considering learning sicilian… me watching all traps 😮

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