5 move CHECKMATE (Caro Kann Trap)

Caro Kann chess opening checkmate trap in 5 moves

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  1. I definitely needed to know this, thanks for showing me the moves it starts with

  2. The waffle house has found its new host

  3. As a Caro kann player I can confirm we will never play nd7 and we'd just play nf6 immediately since it's theory

  4. Just mated someone using this exact sequence 20 minutes ago and just now see this video on my feed, give me the title of grandmaster already.

  5. i play caro kann and i want to playbishop to f5

  6. They real thing though Caro players love doubling their pawns in front of the castle, even with the king open.🤣

  7. What if they know what you are doing or they play something else

  8. Literally can take the knight with a pawn therefor its check not checkmate?

  9. Caro Kann but captures the e4 pawn? Lol

  10. Nobody is going to make those moves, they'll try to eat your horse with pawn most likely

  11. I don't even know what to say about this anymore

  12. Just eat your own bishop and spawn it back in taking their king in the process

  13. but then black will use pawn to cut the horse

  14. Double your pawns in caro kann is a good move

  15. Every Time i try to play like this. My enemy didnt play like your prediction 🤔

  16. 💀💀 you need some serious skills to fall for this

  17. Pawn is "pinned" to the King? Never knew that was a thing… someone explain that to me please!

  18. Yea you can do that , against 200 elo's

  19. As someone who does Caro khann I would never take on d4

  20. isn't the caro kann just the damiano defense

  21. c6 is a terrible opening move tbh, I never play it

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