5 INSANE Chess Openings by Stockfish…

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0:00 Intro
0:59 Game 1
6:37 Game 2
12:40 Game 3
20:20 Game 4
26:21 Game 5 – shout out to Kingscrusher!

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  1. 3x king move is confussion for enemy smart fish 😂❤🎉

  2. They are battling by seeing ahead an unfathomable number of moves! How would it make sense?😅

  3. This is so obvious once Levy explains it, we're all as good as stockfish now, or at very least as good as fish-sticks.

  4. My analysis of the first game is that stockfish knows that black cant really make any agressive moves until white does first

  5. I don't know the difference, I'm only rated 600. But at least when I do stupid stuff, I can claim I'm playing brilliant chess like an engine instead of just blundering pieces.

  6. Maybe stalling is a legitimate strategy or something. Wu wei and all that. I know jack shit about chess.

  7. The Kd2 move in Game 1 is because the engine wants the rook and queen already on c1 and d1, so Rc1 Kd2 Kc2 Kb1 takes 4 moves, when Qd2 O-O-O Kb1 Rc1 Qd1 takes 5edit: nevermind

  8. Computer: Knows enough to know that that's a great move.Levy: Knows enough to Wonder why that's a great move.Me: Knows nothing. Wonders nothing. Nods along as if I understand what Levy is talking about.

  9. Good job stockfish didn't do four king moves. 😆

  10. Slow castling has his perks like my position is perfect but im waiting for you to make a mistake and try to attack 1st

  11. What if the reason why the king was moved manually was to stall its movements to see how white would move?

  12. Levy – 3:38
    Beginners – "wait why is he talking about the opening still its been over for like 5 moves now"….

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