5 Chess Games YOU MUST KNOW!

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5 Chess Games You Must Know

0:00 Intro
0:34 Game 1 – Morphy
7:28 Game 2 – Immortal
15:30 Game 3 – Evergreen
21:50 Game 4 – La Bourdonnais
28:32 Game 5 – Kasparov

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  1. Adolf Anderson is savage af. I'm not trapped in here with you, you are trapped in here with me

  2. Broooo Anderson was a Savage!!!!!!😮😮😮😮😮

  3. Stunning video! Not only does this thing have amazing games but the blow-by-blow descriptions help modest chess players appreciate the battle of titans. Very well done. I have goosebumps.

  4. fyi your mic almost never picks up obnoxious background noise.

  5. Why didn't Karpov play bishop e2 to push the knight away?

  6. These game are Ultra Instinct Level. I can't even see the moves they're making

  7. Thank you levy for the videos because before I ever watched you I was playing like a noob but when I watched you I've been playing like Hikira nakamaru

  8. Last game is preety nuts. Like he coukd have just pulled out a pawn andnthe paln wouod go crap.

  9. After watching Levi I have gotten very good at sacrificing THE QUEEN! As well as my ROOK! Until finally all is lost.

  10. just unbelievable that black retained all its pieces in game 2 and still lost … WOW!!!

  11. I dont HAVE to know anything and im sticking with it..remember,you know enough

  12. In game 4 why can't queen take d2 pawn it will stop the mate i guess

  13. My dumbass thought the thumbnail was Mr beast 💀

  14. This video help to improve my chess tactics

  15. For anyone that started scrolling comments at start of video, watch the whole video. OCTOPUS. If you know, you know.

  16. But in game 4, why couldn't you take on b2 after the knight went to d2?

  17. "you were paying attention but you 4got becuz chess is hard"
    yes Gotham 😔 😔

  18. Does alphazero offer some insight or games that stockfish doesn't?

  19. How far back did Morphy plan the mate.?

  20. 27:24 is White Queen to F2 a better move than Rook to d1? r am I missing something?

  21. What if white Queen takes f2 after rook g8 by McDonnel? Looks solid to me.

  22. I don't understand… maybe old Karpov deliberately lost to young, handsome Kasparov here. Because playing the knight to a far on the edge square is an obvious inaccuracy, and then not exchanging his light-square bishop for the octopus knight, because he was feeling greedy about the pawn, which hung loose the whole game? Then he deserved to lose.

  23. In 28 minute
    White can move qd2 and removing all threat

  24. This video is incredible!!! Third game is just crazy!

  25. My favorite game is kasparov topalov 1999

  26. One of my favorite videos. So well done. THANK YOU!

  27. Adolf is the master of making his opponent move his pieces for him, and making his opponent move his pieces for him.

  28. Brilliant games.
    The wild older games are Fire

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