5 Biggest Mistakes Chess Players Make! Best Chess Tricks, Moves, Strategy & Ideas to Win Games

Everyone makes mistakes in chess, especially new players just learning the game. Today we look at the Top 5 mistakes that players of all skill levels make. I will tell you various chess opening tricks, strategies, moves, tips, tactics, ideas & traps that beginners can use to win more games. Plus, I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you. As a chess enthusiast, I analyse chess games regularly. That’s why I can tell you that there are a few most common mistakes & blunders, which most players make. So in this chess lesson, I am going to show you the 5 Biggest Mistakes Chess Players Make often. I will share with you some amazing chess games to demonstrate how chess players make blunders while making their moves. If you avoid these typical mistakes, it will help you in winning chess games against high-rated players.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out.

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  1. Knight to h7 by killing pow in front of king

  2. I really get frustrated by opponents please help clearly

  3. puzzle Nxh7, Kxh7,Qh5+,Kg8,Rxf8+,Kxf8,Qh8# OK I see my mistake

  4. The mistake 6 which you said was exactly what I did. I was in a very dominating position but then I forgot to see the other half of the board when my opponent check-ed me and as I tried to capture the check, my king moved into another check leading to a defeat. I regret it so badly that even though I keep telling myself that to err is human, I don't seem to forget even an ounce of it.

  5. My answer for the puzzle is move knight from e5 to d7 it will protect the queen

  6. Move the e5 knight to g6 and it will be a check black can't move anywhere so he is forced to take the knight with the pawn and next comes a queen sacrifice we will move it to h6 so black took the queen because it is forced and there comes rook h7 check and it is a beautiful checkmate

  7. Ng6+, pawn takes
    Qh6+ pawn takes queen
    Rh7 check mate
    Qh6 ,pawn takes
    Rh7 checkmate if pawn does n't take then Qh7 is check mate

  8. First queen on h6 sacrifice and rook to h7 and thats the cheakmate

  9. Sir please put the video of Vienna gambit user opponents play like a fool moves and how to punish it,and Vienna gambit dicline veriation how to win vienna gambit user play to win aggressively

  10. Don't display subtitles it's blocking to see board

  11. I always gets fucked up in these cases !

  12. 2:12 Queen to h2 check and we can win the knight on d6 😀

  13. G6 to f8
    Then. F5 to G7. Then
    It's check mate🤔🤔

  14. Wow I just did all of them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Queen moved to h6 it is forced to take the queen with pawn then rook goes to h7 which is mate for balck

  16. First sacrifice the queeeeen by h6 pawn takes and rook to h7 is a beautiful checkmate

  17. Hindi md bolle bhais abhi log English me bolrehe

  18. Ng6+ hxg6(forced), Qh6+ fxh6(forced), Rh7#

  19. Knight g6 from white then opponent takes the knight and after queen h6 it's perfect check mate

  20. Perfect points of winning. Thank you dear friend.

  21. rxf8 and then rook takes, we fork queen & rook

  22. Queen h6 is the move if black takes the queen the rook will deliver checkmate or if no one takes the queen then we can deliver checkmate with the queen on h7

  23. My Biggest Mistake in My Chess Battle, I Put My King in the Corner and Sacrificing My Two Knights☠️

  24. My biggest mistake is moving pieces with no plan

  25. By putting queen to h6 if he captures with pawn than we will capture his h7 pawn with our rook and it would be a checkmate

  26. Sir, the answer is Rxbf8 , Rxrf8 , Ng8 , Rxng8 , Nf7# – smothered mate

  27. Ng6 ch, PxN (forced); Qh6 ch, PxQ (forced), Rh7 (mate)

  28. Ktg6 check, PXKt;
    Qh6 check, PXQ;
    Rh7 checkmate!!
    It's knight to g6 – check. So, black needs to play forced move pawn captures knight. Then queen to h6 – check again & black needs to play again the forced move pawn catures queen.
    Finally rook to h7 & it's check and mate.

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