5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Italian Game

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 5 best chess opening traps in the Italian Game for both White and Black. The Italian Game is a family of chess openings beginning with the moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4.

These traps are easy to learn and you can incorporate them in your own games easily. Also, the traps are from the most common and popular lines (and variations) from this opening.

► Chapters

00:00 5 Best Opening Traps in the Italian Game
00:26 Trap-1: White’s pawns vs Black’s pieces
04:21 Trap-2: Mind-blowing kingside attack
07:00 Trap-2: if White plays immediate Ng5
09:39 Recap of the crushing attack
10:18 Trap-3: Old, smothered checkmate
11:56 Trap-4: Italian Game: Classical Variation
13:59 Can you find the winning move?
14:32 Trap-5: Winning trap for White

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  1. Sacrifice queen – black has to capture. Rook e8 –

  2. @Remote chess academy It seems trap on 2:05 dont work or is not finished. As loglen here stated Na5 seems to fix the problem to not loose officer?!

    Very nice find with Na5.. also the variation: Na5, Qa4+, Bd7, Bb5 seems to not give a lot advantage for white. I think Na5, dxe6, Nxc4, exf7+, Kf8, Qd4 or Qd5 is best option for white. Black will either have to move night to e5 (looses the d pawn) or back to a5(missplaced knight) or try protect knight with c5.

    White has a pesky pawn on f7, but i think black will win it.. just needs to prepare it a bit?…

    Is there any better variation?

  3. 1. Qxf7+ Rxf7 2. Re8# but it takes practice to think this way as you are giving away your Queen.

  4. hi. in min 3:46, what can you suggest if black plays d6d5 to protect the bishop. thanks

  5. @6:02, how about h4 instead of h3. Seems to stop the attack somehow.

  6. At time of 6.00 . White Kinight can take the pawn at g5 and break the attack? Please enlighten me

  7. Just played with the first trap, opponent fell right into the trap, some variation happened. I ended up forking his king and queen with no way our for his queen. He resigned. LETS GO!!!!!

  8. I’m gonna guess the sequence is Queen takes pawn check , bishop takes rook check then slide your rook all the way down for the mate 😅

  9. Great bait to get the Queen away from the king 🔥

  10. Re8, Black rook captured,Qxf7,black queen go to h8,Qxe8 checkmate

  11. My answer: white plays queen takes f7(sac the queen) and after black plays rook takes f7, white plays rook e8 checkmate.

  12. gqueen f7 wins
    becuse rook can back rank checkmate

  13. Insane traps, which I haven't even heard before, although I often play Italian game

  14. W Q x f7.

    I'm really enjoying your videos. My children have gotten into chess amongst other board games. Its been a long time since I've played chess, now I've started playing again with my children the passion to play has been rekindled. .

  15. 14:21 my answer:
    Forced checkmate by the following:
    … Qx f7
    Rxf7 Re8 #

    variation 2:
    … Qxf7 Kh8
    Qxf8 #

  16. December 11, 2022 still watching and learning at you🤗

  17. So, in the first trap around 1:25…what if instead of moving bishop to e6 they instead castle. Is the trap still in the works or did that shut the trap down

  18. Queen check
    Rook takes queen
    Mate in 1(rook)
    Thanks for this great trap!!!!!

  19. sac the rook on e8 rook captures to not get backranked queen takes f pawn putting in check and attaking the rook quuen moves back and then quuen captures rook for checkmate

  20. 14:28 You move THE ROOK to take THEIR ROOK! (reference to GothamChess)

  21. On the challenge Re8 the rook is forced to capture then Qxf7+ the has one option which is go to Kh8 at last the queen captures the rook Qxe8#

  22. You content is so good I've subscribed created 6 accounts to subscribe it… XD

  23. You are always very optimistic. In 11:10 if white doesn´t take with the knight, but with the bishop, then white has increased positional advantage, I guess.
    The sequence starting from 7:00 is awesome. Thanks for that. I wonder how much time he needed to think the whole move through.

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