41 Tips to DESTROY Your Next Opponent in Chess (BY LEVEL)

12 Instructive Rapid Games I analyze and summarize with useful tips on how I beat every level from 600 to 2300.

00:00-00:24 Intro
00:24-00:50 Stream Intro
00:50-12:27 GAME 1 VS 600 RATED (Giuoco Piano, Hungarian Defense)
12:27-13:20 TIPS #1, #2, and #3
13:30-23:51 GAME 2 VS 800 RATED (Ruy Lopez, Schliemann’s Gambit)
23:51-25:10 TIPS #4, #5, and #6
25:10-32:44 GAME 3 VS 900 RATED (Queen’s Gambit, Noteboom Variation)
32:44-34:06 Game Review Analysis
34:06-35:52 TIPS #7, #8, #9, #10, and #11
35:52-47:55 GAME 4 VS 1000 RATED (Caro-Kann, Advanced, Bronstein Variation)
47:55-49:26 TIPS #12, #13, #14, and #15
49:26-1:03:54 GAME 5 VS 1100 RATED (Caro-Kann, Advanced, Bronstein Variation)
1:03:54-1:05:13 TIPS #16, #17, and #18
1:05:13-1:12:41 GAME 6 VS 1250 RATED (Stonewall Attack)
1:12:41-1:13:28 TIPS #19 and #20
1:13:48-1:21:49 GAME 7 VS 1450 RATED (Modern Defense)
1:21:49-1:22:38 TIPS #21, #21 and #22 (Yes, I did Tip 21 twice lol)
1:22:38-1:36:07 GAME 8 VS 1500 RATED (Alekhine’s Defense)
1:36:07-1:40:07 Game Review Analysis
1:40:07-1:41:34 TIPS #23, #24, #25, and #26
1:41:34-2:00:34 GAME 9 VS 1650 RATED (Scotch Game)
2:00:34-2:01:52 TIPS #27, #28, and #29
2:01:52-2:12:58 GAME 10 VS 1650 RATED (Queen’s Gambit Declined, Semi-Slav, Meran Variation)
2:12:58-2:13:40 TIPS #30, #31, and #32
2:13:40-2:30:43 GAME 11 VS 2000 RATED (Sicilian Defense, Scheveningen)
2:30:43-2:32:06 TIPS #33, #34, #35, and #36
2:32:06-2:52:14 GAME 12 VS 2300 (King’s Gambit)
2:52:14-2:54:32 TIPS #37, #38, #39, #40, and #41
2:54:32-2:55:05 Intro with much love ❤️

This is my first instructive video of this format so et me know what I can improve!

Love, as always ❤️

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  1. Just tilted so I’m watching this to cheer me up 😃

  2. 22:20 Instead of moving the rook, couldn’t you move the queen one file over and then finish it off with the rook. Mate in 2 total?

  3. Hey Zach, thank you so much for this content, you're very inspirational and extremely hard working, and I appreciate that a lot. I think I speak for everyone when I say this. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Mom : – we have alireza firouza at home..
    Alireza firouza at home :-

  5. I have a question for reacting to a queens pin (e.g. 26:40), why do you take with the pawn instead of the queen. I just thought that it weakens the pawn structure and also opens up the G file, so could you please explain when to take with the pawn and why in this situation you also chose the pawn

  6. Will watch This is future

    As a reference

  7. All the tips shown in the video:

    Tip #1: Always look for tactics (even when seemingly absent)
    Tip #2: Double Check for Danger Levels
    Tip #3: Know your simple checkmates

    Tip #4: Weaken your opponent's King
    Tip #5: Plat out your attack (move by move)
    Tip #6: Don't trust your opponents moves (Call their bluff)

    Tip #7: Attack the King with your Pawns
    Tip #8: Take Caution once you win material
    Tip #9: Attack weak pieces or weak squares
    Tip #10: Spot your mate!
    Tip #11: Always look for a better move

    Tip #12: Always look for your opponent's threats right after their move
    Tip #13: When you lose material, keep your cool. Always look for the best move
    Tip #14: Trade Queens when up material
    Tip #15: Sac for the Win!!!

  8. He has enough content in this one video to make 4 years worth of shorts

  9. A6 in the sicilian is dragon? I think u slipped up there mate . Anywho, thanks for the informational content it was useful!!!

  10. I’m teaching my cousins how to play, 2 of them, one of them are 7 and the other is 12

  11. Is 79% accuracy considered good? That’s my Acura y in most games

  12. ITS Illegal to have such instructional content

  13. Why didnt you take the knight on C6 in the first game with queen….?

  14. I'm watching this after my opponent missed checkmate after i blundered mate and i won the game

  15. zach you deserve way more attention out there, you dont realize how important you are to chess community

  16. also can i become a student, im very dedicated to chess

  17. Repent for your sins and follow Jesus now he's coming

  18. "Satrange" doesn't sound right to me. The arabic word for chess today is "Chatrange". Not sure if it changed over time or you got it wrong. But good info anyway!

  19. At 41:45 Why didn't he move Queen to g7 then proceed to eat away at the pawn structure, stopping at e6? Is this all around a bad move?

  20. I’m rated 2400 and a hardcore Najdorf player and almost cried when you called it a dragon love u tho zach

  21. In game 9 u missed 6 nc6 bxc6
    7 bxc5 dxc5 8. Qxd8 kxd8 9. Nd2 where white is completely winning due to the trippled pawns

  22. Love you bro i've been watching your shorts since 2 months now i started to watch your videos too best chess content creator❤️

  23. Great sir ! i watch complete video and i learnt alot of new things i am 1600 rated player!

  24. Chess was first invented in India….it was called Chatranga than arabs change some things and it became shatranj 😊

  25. every time he looks at the camera after a move i look back at his soul unblinking im not letting he look into my soul like that

  26. i was 700 while watching this but after and applying the tips in game i hit 2300 3 months later

  27. 40:06 did you have Nxd5? Love your content btw! My thinking is that it just wins a pawn. If after Nxd5, Bxe3, Nxe3, Nxe3, fxe3. I suppose instead of him taking back with the knight he could just play Nxd4…

  28. Fischer's defense is the only viable response to the KG imo. Was +3 against a 2600 GM after 13 moves in a 3 min blitz game before he eventually won after 40+ moves because he was playing faster and being a much stronger player in general.

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