4 MOVE CHECKMATE: Best Chess Trap for Beginners (Wayward Queen)

Make sure you know this so you don’t get checkmated in 4 moves.
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  1. hmm, also lets say you are black, you can counter it by
    1. e4 e5
    2. Qh5 Qf6<- this makes it impossible to scholar now
    after that lets say they are still dumb or had setup a premove and the do Bc4, you do the following
    3. Bc4 g6<- attacking the queen

  2. I used this against a 900 elo and he fell for it 😂

  3. After you move bishop most people actually move the pawn to b6 and I do not know what to do there

  4. Ew nelson trick nobody like nelson

  5. martin when i check with the queen on wayward: go horsey

  6. How to avoid if you accidentally place your knight to c6

    He will play bishop to c4

    Then play your other knight to h6

  7. What if your opponent plays knight H6? Then you can’t mate

  8. Wayward Queen doesn't work past 200 elo. Anyone with ANY chess knowledge can stop it and win a bishop

  9. Bro it's still doesn't work because he moves the horse and then the next thing is move the pawn forward

  10. when i saw this, i will play Nf6, so i dont lose the rook after the capture

  11. Sorry but no one would defend with a queen if that was me in that situation i would defend with the bishop

  12. after black night c6 and white bishop c4 if they play pawn g6 then…..?

  13. POV u play this 3 times in a row win all then watch this short

  14. I doubt they would use they’re queen when they have a open bishop to sacrafice

  15. Ok, but what if they do queen E7 or rook F6 for their second move instead of the ones you just listed?

  16. what if they block with pawn G6 after setting their knight?

  17. I did this and it worked first try😂😂😂😂 couldnt beleive it. Didn't get the check mate on him but did take his rook

  18. I think my classmates call this scholars mate

  19. What if they dont play the knight and play pawn to g6?

  20. What after qh5 if he puts his knight at f6

  21. I ever fall for this trap and I lost a rook and knight and somehow still able to checkmate my opponent

  22. best checkmate moves. I always win in chess club

  23. And if they don't see the hanging pawn

  24. I have never lost to a person who uses this method

  25. pawn b3 to kick na queen what to do?

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