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  1. I can't understand anything until I realised that there is bishop behind the like button 😂😂

  2. looks like one of the best game of Vishwanathan Anand

  3. Он мог сначала еще ферзья взять

  4. Either he's stock fish, or he has a vibrating butt plug

  5. Why didn’t the black queen capture white queen after it’s movement to d5?

  6. Bro some is so stupid black he didn't ate the queen💀

  7. Объясните почему ферзя не съели пешкой

  8. Stockfish: you missed mate in 54.
    Me: ☠️☠️☠️

  9. Tuve q verlo 3 veces para saber lo q paso

  10. Les blanc on juste perdu en fessant 4 brillant

  11. whats the name of this chess?! this is mobile?

  12. Anyone who needs an explanation as to why all these moves are brilliant: Qxd6 – this removes the defender of the e8 square. If the queen is taken, Re8+, then Rf8 blocks, followed by Rxf7+, king h8, then Rxf8#. Qd5 – This simply pins the rook on f7, threatening Rxg7+, all the while the queen cannot be taken as the black queen is guarding e8. Rxg7+ – If black recaptures the rook, then White queen captures black queen and it cannot be recaptured since black rook is pinned, and checkmate will shortly follow. Black cannot take queen as shown in video, and if black simply does nothing, then Rxf7+ is a double check, and checkmate will shortly follow

  13. Who play this unbelievable move😮😮

  14. 4 brilliant and 2 great move great bro

  15. Dude at the bottom be like the person playing the black pieces

  16. А чел такой забирает пешкой королеву и вы меняетесь турами

  17. Just one que why doesn't the black pawn or black rook captured the white Queen, why to move Queen there,
    Can any body pls explain

  18. i beat 3200 elo with this setup at 42 moves once with a great move first and at 70 moves also with brilliant moves. and again come here to comment this.

  19. Is anyone not triggered because black DIDNT TAKE THE FRIKING QUEEN!???

  20. Queen could be taken by queen but bro chosed war

  21. Explain need of sacrifice Knight at b4

  22. Start a new game now.
    Play e4 as white, black goes for e5
    Play ke2.

  23. Just take the queen with the room For fuck sakes

  24. Gj Nerd, now here come black with a bbc checlmaye

  25. He did it himself and gave 4 brilliant. Otherwise he wouldn't have given an exclamation for a rook in the last place. he would have given the best move.

  26. oh he sac the queen he sac the queen boom boom he said….. he said…..I'm going to the restaurant in Toronto

  27. Explanation:
    If the queen is taken in any way for the first brilliant then rook to e8 rook to f8 rook to g8 king to h8 then rook takes f8 is mate. For the second brilliant the man played it to deflect queen from e8 square and if queen took its the same thing again. For the 3rd brilliant the rook is trying to attract the king back to g8 and for the 4th brilliant king has to take then rook e8 rook f8 rook takes f8 mate.

  28. hello. can someone please tell me the name of the song? thanks

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