3 HOURS of Relaxing Chess for Sleep ♔ ASMR (soft spoken, danish accent, whisper)

3 full hours of supremely relaxing ASMR Chess content. I play against people on the internet through the ChessUp smart chessboard in this video.
Buy the ChessUp board with 10% discount using my link: **AND** use the promo code ASMR at checkout.

00:00 first part
42:17 audio bug part
1:38:20 extra good part


  1. This is just my personal preference but dude if your channel was 100% only you playing online games on the Chess up board i would tune in every time and be completely okay with it.

    Edit: did u just play 1.e4? Who are you?

  2. Woah I’m actually early to a chess asmr video!

  3. So have a question. At 56:20, could you have taken the bishop with the queen, then started to move the two center pawns up to pressure the knights and clear the diagonal for the queen to king? Or would I have just given my opponent an out and messed things up for myself?

  4. I should bring to your attention that there's an audio bug at 42:17. You might want to consider reuploading

  5. I always love seeing notifications pop up that a new video has uploaded!! Thank you good sir

  6. These vids are my personal favourites ^^
    Love all the content tho ❤

  7. Watching your videos has helped me progress very quickly, thank you for the time that you put into making these videos! ♟️ the asmr is just the 🍒 on top

  8. 3 hours of ASMR chess…. I literally couldn't ask for more right before bed! (thanks so much please keep up the amazing videos!!! )

  9. i honestly do love that chessboard. Especially with that “cheat” video you made. Tempting..

    Love the video, as always!

  10. Wow. A three hour video. I would never be able to sit in front of a chess board and talk for that long, great content that helps me sleep and teaches me chess 👏 👏 👏

  11. Have you had any problems with the chessup online games. I've had a lot of glitches with mine games freezing/crashing etc

  12. Your videos are really really good. But I'm still stuck at 300 to 400 elo.

  13. AChessMR or ChesSMR? you guys decide.

  14. Eric showed a pretty fun line against the old benoni in a video a few years ago, you take on c5 and when they play e6 you play Nc3 with the idea Ne4, after I learned that I didnt have to fear or dislike the benoni, no, the benoni players dislike me😂

  15. Hi! Just wanted to check in and say that I ordered a chessup board with your promo code last year, and it's finally getting shipped! Huzzah!

  16. thank u so much this is my favorite kind of video of yours ❤

  17. I got my ChessUp board 2 days ago and I’m enjoying it so much! Hoping I’ll run into you out in the wild, but I’m not as good as you, yet 😁

  18. You're a very strong player. What is your rating? Do you ever play tournaments? Are you in a club?

  19. 17:34, when you were saying it was weird he didn’t capture the bishop, unless I’m missing something if rook did capture bishop, then queen can take the other rook and give a check😊

  20. these videos are phenomenal i cannot get enough of them. im not even into chess that much anymore but these videos are incredible. keep up the good work my friend 👍

  21. I love these videos, they show you putting all you teach to practice, plus it gives me a chance to sit down and appreciate the game of chess in a very relaxing way, thank you so so much!

  22. I love it how falling asleep to this actually improves my skill I’ve gotten much better thanks to you best of wishes from the country see y’all later 👋

  23. Does the board light up or is that just editing?

  24. Wish i could get the board, but 400 dollars is just too much

  25. Is it posable for you to stack the captured pieces along each side of the board? Just a suggestion. It'd be nice to see the visual. Thanks for your videos. I like the ChessUp ones best.

  26. I wonder when he’ll teach us how to play 5D chess with multiverse time travel

  27. Is the opponent also playing on that board or not

  28. Finally bought the board today .. with your link!…

    can't wait till it gets here 🎉🎉🎉

  29. I love this channel, it always helps me sleep at night. I think you should try adding some relaxing ambient music to the background, it would really make the videos even more relaxing

  30. hey, i read your comment about trying to make this your full time job – i dont want to be the santa is fake guy here but i really think you should be pessimistic here and keep working your job if you have one or look for one for a steady income source because the chess hype is slowly dying down and asmr is niche in general so you probably wont get enough views in to make this your full-time job, you need a lot of stuff to go right to make it a viable career, i dont know a lot about how much youtube pays but if i had to guess you arent drowning in money in your current situation. Being a content creator is a lot of people's dream but i see too many people try to make this their full-time instead of a hobby and they get burned out or feel like they are trapped making content and cant take breaks because they lose out money when they arent uploading, or they want to branch out to other content but see that it doesnt get as many views. I dont even know why im writing this rant i just really want you to think this over while you can, i dont want to see another channel i sometimes go to visit beg for patreons or donations cause their channel is slowly declining and its their job (if you want an example – LLoyd's ASMR, a while back it would just be a patreon link in the comments and now its a call for help how he is in debt because its his full time job and views arent good and that any donation would greatly help, he has a hernia or something though so he cant work – you can though so i really think this should just be something to look forward to doing at the end of the day to relax yourself and the viewers and not a full-time occupation) Unless you have already planned ahead what to do (lets be realistic here) when views start drying out or u dont want to upload anymore then go ahead all glory to you, but its a slippery slope. Nice video too tho

  31. Please please please make longer videos like this I love you content and I love your personality so much you have no idea how much you have helped me become a better chess player and even a better person in a way(Ik you won’t believe me😭) keep it up and I hope the best for you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  32. Please please please make longer videos like this I love your content and I love your personality so much you have no idea how much you have helped me become a better chess player and even a better person in a way(Ik you won’t believe me😭) keep it up and I hope the best for you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  33. Have you ever consider live streaming games like those on Twitch?

  34. That was definitely a cheater, second move was about confusing the anti-cheating system. Seen it before. Nice video!

  35. Is that chess board definitely worth the money? Tempted

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