3 Chess Endgame Principles You Need To Know!

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About this video:
The endgame in chess is when most of the pieces (Queens, Rooks, Knights, Bishops) have been traded off. At this point in a chess game there is usually only pawns, the kings, and maybe a few pieces on each side. There are three principles which are vital to understand if you want to be able to win the game at the endgame. The first is that you must activate your king. The second is that pawns are much more valuable than at the start of the game. And the third is that passed pawns are the most important of all. If you can turn a passed pawn into a queen, it will most surely mean victory at such a late stage in a chess game. In this video I cover all of the chess endgame principles so you can improve and win more games.


  1. Also Diagonal King movements are OP in the endgame.

  2. Excellent channel. Crystal clear voice, great story teller and of course excellent chess teacher. I really appreciate your efforts and watch your videos every evening. One for sure. My ratings in rapid is 1530 odd and I am sort of stuck there for a long time now. But still I do enjoy chess. I am also a scrabble player.

  3. You have a real gift for explaining things on then chess board — thank you! Much appreciated…

  4. 5:28 but if it was black to play they can make it a draw I guess.

  5. Very instructive video, well presented, thank you. i noticed in the last example that if if black moves first, then he can prevent white from creating a passed pawn by playing b6 straight away. perhaps you could expand on this in a future video. thanks again

  6. Principle #4 – e4 ke2 for the psychological effect

  7. What program are you on that lets you showcase chess games?

  8. A year of chess videos later.. I finally know what a passed pawn is! Thanks!

  9. 1:00 if you try to activate your king…
    CLASH ROYALE refrence? 😌😂

  10. You missed the fact that a pawn is NOT a passed pawn if an opponent's is blocking it, not just that it cannot be captured.
    Correctly stated it would be A pawn is a passed pawn if there are no pawns opposing its passage to the queening square.

  11. A passed pawn must also not be blocked by an opposing pawn–correct? So, can't be taken by a pawn and file is clear of opposing pawns.

  12. “With 2. Ke2 you’re gonna get destroyed”

    Hikaru: Hold my bong

  13. Thanks Nelson, that was helpful. I play a lot online and make tons of blunders. I seldom have Rooks or Bishops left at the end game.

  14. I have strong start and middle game but end game not so good cause I wasn't moving my king legand.🖤💛❤️🇦🇺 Best chess teacher

  15. I think it would be great if you told us where each principle was in the video. thx.

  16. White to C6. Then why doesn’t black take to B5 and free? Sorry I don’t understand this move

  17. Master Nelson simply the best! I am pretty good now thanks to you!

  18. I'm learning a lot from you. Thank you my friend.

  19. Honestly Chess Vibes, I needed this video. Gonna go curb stomp some people with my pawn sacrifice now👍

  20. Whqt if black pawn on c6 takes on white b7 …..white pawns will be trapped for sure 👍 😅…you don't talk about that

  21. Can you please recommend a specific video on activating the King at the very start of the endgame?

  22. Exactly what I needed and puzzled about how it works .. thanks for the info

  23. I trade my knight off in exchange for 2 pawns. To open the board up, and give me more space to attack.

  24. Man is this channel underrated. Hopefully it's now getting a push, considering YouTube suggested it

  25. I learn so much from your teaching principles

  26. Thanks! I was lacking Endgame knowledge. Very clear and solid explanation!

  27. I manage to win by just moving the king in the opening

  28. That last 6 pawn puzzle was actually pretty insightful for being so simple

  29. very good strategy – I mostly lose game in end games

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