3 Beginner Chess Openings You Can Play With Black!

In this video I teach beginners how to start out the game with the black pieces against white’s most common openings moves. You’ll see the Queen’s Gambit, Ruy Lopez, and Guioco Piano.

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  1. 5:27 My opponent moved the d Pawn to d4 actually, giving the King an escape route. What do I do then?

  2. If I was the opponent, even before seeing this, I would’ve had it . And no, he’s not better then Gotham chess

  3. around 1:34, if the bishop doesnt take, do we push the b7 pawn to kick the bishop out? Just wanna check wut to do, thanks lad. Ima watch more of ur tutorial vids

  4. Awesome video! Question about the third example…in your example they castled and then brought the pawn to G5 but what to do if they move bishop to G5 instead of castling?

  5. First time seeing your vids! Subbing for sure!

  6. I'm only a 620 Elo, but I can tell this video has already helped improve my game quite a bit, thanks!

  7. I too appreciate the tempo you exercise while teaching chess. It is paced to allow slower players to follow along and actually learn moves. Many who teach try to dazzle us with their verbal footwork and instead of learning we are tasked with catching up. I enjoy your videos.

  8. So looking at this I'm thinking you set them up for the fried liver attack.

  9. Thanks for this lesson. I've been very interested lastly in learning how to play black, because I feel its a more difficult side to play vs playing white. So, I've been learning how to play with black very heavily lately as I really enjoy playing black over white.

  10. What is the black opening called? Is there a name for this opening?

  11. I like this video because I'm not a complete beginner but, as a teacher myself, I wonder how it works for people who are actually complete beginners. He assumes that you are familiar with a lot of concepts that he might not have explained before: coordinates, pressure (he uses this one all the time), trading, queenside, chess lines, transpositions, pins, doubled pawns, controlling squares, connected rooks, good and bad squares, gambit. I haven't actually watched all the previous videos in this playlist, but judging from the titles it doesn't look likely that he has explained these concepts in those videos.

  12. Plz say the names of the openings , I really enjoy you other vids I’ve seen

  13. Thanks for this lesson, very easy to follow but still informative.

  14. Pawn to d6 always sounds like a rhianna lyric to me lol

  15. Problem is they never do the exact moves your doing

  16. I'm glad I got some moves right but this helps alooooot

  17. Do you have some advice how to remember all of this? (Meaning all of the theory of chess?)

  18. thanks, you're a really good chess teacher!

  19. Come on ya’ll Gotham chess is just approaching chess differently. He’s doing it like a YouTuber, where as the brother is approaching these videos like a teacher! 2 different audiences. Weird that you just used your comment to say something negative

  20. what about if white's queen moves to a4 and checks black's king ? in the queen's gambit.

  21. This was soooo helpful thank you!! A lot of times I’ll watch something that says “don’t do that; it’s a blunder” but they never explain why
    You’re a good teacher

  22. 'which is a great start to the game… if you're black' doesn't sound ideal out of context.

  23. Again great video. Exactly my learning level. Not too detailed not too soft. Perfect. Go on lik this, please!

  24. This really helps! I've playing chess for only 4 years, And I didn't know any openings. Thanks a lot!

  25. "This is a great start to a game if you're black"
    Me, a white person: ☹️

  26. I watch him more than Gotham chess

  27. As a Caro kann player, i have more win rate for black then white. (I'm just 1000 elo)

  28. 0:00 Intro
    0:20 Center Game Accepted, Normal Variation
    1:08 Ruy López Opening, Morphy Defense, Exchange Variation
    2:49 Giuocio Piano, Giuocio Pianissimo Variation
    4:07 Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange, Positional Line
    6:04 Queen's Gambit Declined, Modern Variation
    Bro Forgt The Caro Kann And The King's Indian

  29. For this beginner, it was just about perfect!

  30. Seeing the same moves described from both perspectives was particularly helpful.

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