2ND ATTEMPT – LIVE Chess Rating Climb to 2150 – Chess.com Speedrun

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  1. Why do you always play 10 min without increment? Just play 10+5, and you won't have such time-trouble. Not the first time I see that a game that could be a win ends in a draw or loss

  2. dude, i done watched you try rook take A3 fifty eleven times, now that it happened you have no clue. you supposed to be all over this. get an opening and know EVERYTHING… LOVE YOUR CONTENT THO, but come on!!!

  3. I really enjoy watching you play. I learn a lot. it’s really a shame that you have all these cheaters.

  4. lol man i swear it happens to everyone i said the same thing " jaw dropped blank stare and speechless" on that draw game…love your videos man keep them up…

  5. epicjoel had the best move I’ve ever seen. Sick

  6. the new rice cooker guy got his account closed and then came back it seems. he's now rated around 1200 and looks legit. hope he keeps it that way.

  7. That second game….. so funny a little bit of wee popped out!😂

  8. 3rd guy is banned now, his rating increased 1000 in the past month. Even though he was losing to 1000s a month ago 😄

  9. Nelson, if you make a separate video about the cheater I think you should show their game history too as a lot of people still think it's you being salty. Or maybe some people can never be convinced, I'm not sure.

  10. The second game was hilarious. I have been thru that many many many times.

  11. You should know that the queen needs to be a knight's move away from their king in the endgame…all for content i guess?

  12. Wow we're seeing more and more cheaters lately

  13. I am a very big fan of u bro but in between of the game small transitions are happening, which is not possible in my point of view.. so I felt like u had recorded the game and expression and explaination is given in live.

  14. The cheaters are still a tiny fraction of all the games played, close to 1%.

  15. 31:47 “Somewhere in the world eric rosen is smiling right now” — this one really cracked me up 😂😂

  16. you would've seen Game 2 mate if you had more than 11 seconds on the clock.

  17. How do I know in advance when you're going live?

  18. That stalemate was funny af. Easily done in time trouble.😂

  19. I think 15+10 or 10+5 is better format for this kind of speedrun.

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