25 Chess Tips If You’re Under 1400

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  1. Who are you? Googling your name gave me doctors and other relatively smart people…

  2. I dig your channel man, you're not condescending about how you deliver things. Just helpful info! Solid stuff, thank you.

  3. I like how you encourage players as you instruct. Good vibes 🌞

  4. "some things to do,some places to go, some hopes and dreams , that weren't there before."

  5. If i see position like at 21.18 i will just sac knight to get 2 pawn its just 1 quality loss but your opps king will be in barrent place.

  6. Any of y’all felt like some of these tips were repeated?

  7. Kinda funny to me how you go "nothing wrong with this move but…" on every one of these 😂

  8. Extremely helpful! Keep up the good work and good luck on your chess career.

  9. In the end, rookE6 was the best move right?

  10. I've come across many chess YouTubers, but you're the best among all of them. Your explanations are easy to understand and digest. Thank you for your great content.

  11. i really love chess. i dont know why, i just do, and no matter how frustrating i get after a tilt or a bad loss, i end up jumping back in the same day, but with new knowledge, im not that good. my rating is going between 300 – 500 maybe 600 for the past 2 weeks (how long ive been playing) but its always fascinating to me

  12. chess with pawns that could move backwards would be really interesting actually, like fencing

  13. Thank you Teacher Nelson. Ur awesome 😊

  14. How do we know level we are? Who keeps score of everyone so I can ask lol. Weird

  15. You’re great teacher. Thanks for sharing

  16. I again reached 900rating with the help of my opponent blunders and when it comes to tough opponents idk what to do🥲

  17. 27:30 Lichess has different puzzle categories. So different openings, end/middle game, mate in 2,3,4, 5+ or specific kinds of mate. Also forks, skewers, and pins as well.

  18. Everyone should watch this video ten times until it's thoroughly grooved into their brains.

  19. if you are not Magnus Carlson don't play this game!

  20. Wow i love this video straight to the point 👍🏻

  21. 12:13 the perfect explanation of outposts for knights and why the pawn defending the square is so important

  22. I'm rated 1700 Rapid and still found this video really useful. Great stuff!

  23. Thanks, Nelson. You are my trainer. I am following you from Lubango, Angola. I am growing a lot under your guidance. Muito obrigado.

  24. A few more:

    * Don't turn your bishops into tall pawns
    * When in doubt, develop your pieces to the most forward available square
    * Alternatively: improve your least active piece
    * To take is a mistake: only trade when there's a good reason to
    * The 4 non-diagonal squares right next to a knight are the safest from said knight
    * Pieces have to be on the same colored square in order to be forked by a knight

  25. This was incredibly helpful. Thank you!

  26. After playing way over 10,000 games of chess against the computer over the last decade, I can really say I hate Chess but I play every day So I must be OCD 🤔🤨☹😱

  27. One of the most overlooked tactics is SACRIFICE. Hardly anybody thinks you're going to give up a rook or a queen, but if it leads to checkmate, it's worth it.

  28. Sir, when you display the tips, please display them for some more seconds, so that we can read and understand them.

  29. Sir, can you please mention all the tips in the description? They will be very useful for beginners like me.

  30. What chess program are you using in the video? I hear you reference “Starfish”, but my hearing is bad so I may be mistaken.

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