21 Positional Chess Concepts – Chess Strategies You NEED TO KNOW – Chess Principles and Ideas

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – #1 (Avoid bad bishops)
1:02 – #2 (Isolated pawns are good targets)
1:32 – #3 (Double isolated pawns are even better targets)
1:57 – #4 (Rooks should control open files)
2:29 – #5 (NEVER trade a good bishop for a bad knight)
3:08 – #6 (NEVER trade a good knight for a bad bishop)
3:39 – #7 (Trade your BAD pieces for opponent’s GOOD pieces)
4:25 – #8 (Be CAREFUL moving pawns forward)
5:19 – #9 (Rooks are great on the 7th/2nd ranks)
6:11 – #10 (1 pawn can stop 2 pawns)
7:17 – #11 (Blockade and attack backward pawns)
8:42 – #12 (Create protected passed pawns)
10:06 – #13 (Trade off fianchettoed bishop with battery)
11:16 – #14 (Bait opponent to create pawn weaknesses)
12:29 – #15 (A good knight on an outpost is worth a rook)
14:04 – #16 (Sometimes you should sac a rook for a knight and pawn)
15:00 – #17 (Put pawns on opposite color from your bishops)
15:46 – #18 (Protect bishop with a pawn)
16:27 – #19 (Weak color complex)
17:55 – #20 (Blockade pawns with pieces to hinder development)
20:18 – #21 (Minority Attack)
22:30 – BONUS TIP


  1. In addition to your great videos and content also check out the T-shirts. Bought them for the school chess club. The value of the pieces and the develop, castle, etc say it all!!!
    Thank you again for amazing content, Nelson!
    I go back and rewatch your videos over and over again!!!

  2. Nelson is a incredible good chess teacher. Very instructive stuff. Im rated 1362 in OTB chess and my chess understanding has gotten better watching his videos. ☺

  3. I could say that this video is worth 200 points, which is true, yet more important is that it makes me play waaaaay better.

  4. I really enjoyed the minority attack concept!

    How would you recommend dealing with one if we're on the defending side, though?

  5. The last example….. Quens gambit: if b4 then Bishop takes b4… It does not make sense at all.

  6. He said he gathered from “over 30 years”. Dude doesnt even look 30. He looks 26. 😶

  7. If I had a total of 1000 likes on youtube, I would have given to this beautiful video.

  8. “30 years of playing chess”….. bro doesn’t even looked older than 30

  9. That b5 Sicilian setup for the blockade and the minority attack are GOLD for a 1000 like me. Excellent concepts all around, EACH one of them.

  10. Pawn = 1
    Bad bishops = 2.5
    Knight = 3
    Bishop = 3.5
    Knight on a outpost = 4.9
    Rook = 5
    Bishop on a outpost?????? = 5.9?????
    King = ∞

    "Queen = 9"
    Bishop + Rook = Queen
    3.5 + 5 = 8.5 but is only one piece and can switch from being a rook + bishop on white/black to black/white so 9

  11. Great video. I actually learnt a few things that i will put to practice.

  12. I liked it better when it was called Nelson Lopez instead of Chess Vibes. But I'll get over that. This is my favorite chess instructor.

  13. It's really just logical thinking.
    Making the right moves at the right time.
    Its good to learn from a great channel like this, but even better to work it out for yourself.

  14. I had never head about En Passant, this really surprised me. I learned how to play chess in the 90s and was taught by really good chess players. Though I hardly play any chess.

  15. 30 years of playing chess? I didn't realize he was that old.

  16. Thank you, learning so much from you and these videos!

  17. You didn't explain very important follow ups… For example, the one where the knight baits the two pawns – what is blacks next move? You did not articulate how to take advantage of those weaknesses.

  18. I immediately got a little better. Thank you for the tips.

  19. Question. When you showed the minority attack, why couldn't black have taken with the bishop?

  20. «We've traded our bad night for Black's good night.» 🥸

  21. Hi I have a question. Why black does not take white pawn by bishop at B4 during 21:57? Thanks!

  22. This man is gonna turn me into a chess master

  23. Excellent tutorials ' thank you and eventually I'll demonstrate my ultimate chess game it requires 2 boards and new thinking, enjoyed your lessons! .

  24. 4:45 These holes 😄🤣
    Never thought he would say that.

  25. I have been doing majority of this instinctively.

  26. Bro that last 1 with queen gambit thats a free rook if they take back withvthe pawn

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