2 Best Chess Opening Traps for 2024 | Tricks to Win More Games

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GM Igor Smirnov has analyzed all the feedback that he got from his students (that includes you) and picked up 2 most powerful chess ideas of 2022; those ideas that brought you (and other students) the most victories!

So, in this video lesson GM Igor Smirnov presents to you the 2 powerful chess opening traps (2 killer ideas) that will help you win a lot of games easily in 2023, even against stronger opponents.

The first idea is an improved version of the Scholar’s Mate; a Scholar’s Mate that works against anyone! And second, an improved version of the Fried Liver Attack.

► Chapters

00:00 2 Traps/Ideas to Win More Games in 2024
00:30 1) Improved version of Scholar’s Mate
00:59 Scholar’s mate to beat advanced players
03:08 2) Improved version of Fried Liver Attack
05:25 Key intermediate move before Nxf7
08:03 If Black doesn’t take Nxd5 and plays Na5

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  1. 2:20 he can save king with the help of pawn video is not helpful at all this moves will help if you are playing with blind man

  2. Igor, happy new year,. Your site is the best for me, and also for my two cats.

  3. Happy new year mr Igor Smirnov really you are Amazing you are great teacher,,my respect to you from Sudan

  4. Igor!!! Love your stuff.. Your an excellent teacher, and I have improved greatly since watching you.. HAPPY NEW YEAR… THANKS!!!!! 🙏 🙏

  5. Me barely knowing chess definitely thinking about capturing knight at the end as he explains why that’s stupid. lmao

  6. These gambit are so strong! The tactics on f7 square are so dangerous

  7. Sorry to say but all these traps works only if black takes on d4 while most of the players don’t take they simply develop and whites will be in losing position soon . These traps might work with someone under 400

  8. What if King just doesn't take the Knight?

  9. Igor, what happens in the Scholars checkmate instead of h6, the opponent plays f6?

  10. Happy New Year to you Igor! Thank you for all your videos! they helped me a lot ❤

  11. Bro, chess is already a thousand years old. What are you talking about "in 2023"? 🤣

  12. Hi Igor. I appreciate you for the fact that u have made my skills get better. But about that scotch game opening where the night jumps to G5 preparing to take the pawn at f7, most opponents usually respond with pawn f7 to f6. I have lost in may of that opening 😂

  13. Yes Igor Happy New Year coming friend, it's 1.5hrs away for me

  14. Dear Igor,
    The study books are in which format? is it book? Vedio ? How to get it? I am from Tanzania. Kindly convey. I watch all ur vedios. In the picture the training looks like a book.

  15. Happy New Year back to you, Igor. Your upbeat style and quick tempo make your videos enjoyable as well as instructive I love when you say "and your opponent will just think you don't know what you're doing" — which gives us an advantage — even though it's often true!

  16. hello bro what if they played the move in not my liking? For example only (EX only) "move e5 then they move C3" what If they moved e4 instead of C3 will that mess up the opening?

  17. Hi Igor, Happy New Year 2023. I love your content and effort. I just wanted to inform you that a guy with a channel chess Tricks, is stealing some of your videos with your voice and all and presenting them as his own. Such a sin to misuse your work.

  18. Best wishes for a Very good new year👍👍👌🙏🏻

  19. @remote chess academy can this be applied with black peaces? sorry im new to chess

  20. One of the many great aspects of your coaching is (at least to me) that you show the progression how a bad move turns out to be very unfavorably. It might seem obvious to some, but it allows the less experienced players like me to easily follow why some moves might not be bad at first, but turn out to be losing in the long run. Thank you!

  21. Igor can you put some traps for playing black

  22. Hi Igor, I don't have dollar accnt. I'm George from the Philippines, can I pay you even for the equivalent of 57 dollars as payment for the special offer?

  23. Hey, Igor I want to thank you helped me improving chess game. And btw happy new year

  24. Why doesn’t black just capture the knight with the queen

  25. I’m glad you add the “what-ifs” into your explanations. Watching those shorts rarely present a tactic my opponent doesn’t already know about.

  26. Can you show this opening if they push pawn too d5 on first move

  27. I am so amazed to have seen how easily defeat the enemy had he failed to counteract the moves which you have shown. This is something new for me and I personally will study them and try to apply these new traps to win over my opponents. Thanks a lot GM Igor for uploading these videos of yours unselfishly.

  28. just pulled opening trap 1 on a 1000 rated opponent thanks for sharing this for free

  29. You are doing amazing job for us case I'm new in this game and you make me so good in this game

  30. This fried liver trap is hard to defende but ot is posuble

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